Saturday, November 22, 2014

The sound of UAP

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Quite a few researchers are interested in sound recordings of material relating to UAP. Perhaps listening to detailed interviews with witnesses; or an historical overview of the entire phenomenon. Well, the latest audio visual file releases from the National Archives of Australia (NAA) (click here)
may contain something of interest to you.

The NAA electronic catalogue, RecordSearch, now lists thirty audio visual files. The status of almost all of these recordings is "not yet examined." This means that you will need to submit an application for the file(s) to be inspected and cleared for release; a process which can take months. Then you pay a fee and wait for the material to be made available to you.

The following is a sample of the titles available:

File series C100, control symbol 1144703.
1971. Dateline. London. Interview with Omar Fowler.

C100. 1260502.
1978. City Extra. Roger Grant on UFOs.

C3057. 1293874.
1956. UFO-The man who came back.

C3057. 1379160.
1978. Project UFO - Nevada Desert Incident.

C100. 1593816.
1978. UFOs and Project Blue Book.

C100. 1028608.
1985. Triple J - Tape 9 - Flying saucers.


  1. I recently read Incident at Exeter by John Fuller. I was amused that when a witness reported a UFO making a noise, this was evidence of a craft; when witnesses reported the UFO made no sound, this was evidence that the object was not man-made.

    Heads I win, tails you lose.

  2. Keith, we have numerous pictures and films of UFOs, as well as radar evidence and so-called trace evidence. Do we have any sound recordings of a UFO? Even one?


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