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New book alert - Marden and Stoner

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Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner have written a new book titled "The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported," published in 2013 by New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ. ISBN 978-1-60-271-5.

Marden, the niece of Betty Hill; and Stoner, an experiencer from Florida, have teamed up to present and discuss some first hand accounts of abduction.

The Stoners:

Denise and Ed Stoner, and daughter Dienna, experienced a period of "missing time" in 1982 while on a trip in Colorado, USA. Other family members confirmed the Stoner's late arrival to a campsite. Their only initial unusual observation, was the sighting of two yellow-white lights in the sky, prior to their period of "missing time."

When Marden moved to Florida in 2009 she met the Stoners, and an investigation began. It ensued that Denise had "...undergone regression hypnosis with a Dr Romack..." (p.48.) Marden then performed hypnotic regression sessions with Denise, in 2011.


Marden states "I agreed to assist her, with the reservation that her pre-existing knowledge of alien abduction might color some of her memories." (p.49.)

Marden used forensic hypnosis techniques, well aware "...the hypnotist must safeguard against the possibility that the hypnotized person might construct false memories where no real memories exist." (p.49.)

Denise responded very easily to the hypnotic process, and recalled a craft, with Greys inside. When out of hypnosis Denise sketched the craft. Marden writes "It was unlike any that I had ever received...I had to consider the possibility that she might have been filling in information when a real memory couldn't be accessed. To this day it remains uncertain to me." (p.56.)

More sessions:

Further hypnotic sessions followed with Denise, and additional information unfolded, which included a description of "...a praying mantis or insectoidal being." (p.59.) In addition there was a medical examination.

Marden comments "I wondered if this was in fact an "artifactual" memory of information that had come her way as an abduction researcher." (p.68.)

Marden then conducted a regression hypnotic session with Ed Stoner. Ed recalled being in a strange environment.


In 1991, after a day when both Stoners went cave diving, "...when in the middle of the night, Denise rose from her bed, feeling compelled to leave the motel and drive to a remote location." (p.73.) She had vague conscious recollections of the event, but Marden regressed her and  a story emerged of her encountering a craft and entities, and going on-board. Next day, another period of "missing time" occurred to both Ed and Denise. Regression of Ed provided additional information to the conscious memories.

Further chapters document Denise's growing interest in the topic of abductions following the 1982 event. In the 1980's she came across a Dr. Robert Romack who was also interested in the subject, and underwent hypnosis with him. Marden notes "During the next several weeks, they began to learn some of Denise's suppressed memories." (pp91-92.)

At this point "I asked her to search her memory for possibly youthful visitations with extra-terrestrials." (p.92.) One merged from age 2 1/2 years with further events following.

An evaluation of the evidence:

The authors argue that the Stoners "...are credible people of excellent character. Neither has a history of substance abuse or psychiatric illness...there is no reason to believe their lost time experiences were fabricated or has a valid psychological explanation..." (p.120.) However, this is followed by "Although often accurate, when a hypnotized individual is pushed for information that doesn't exist in one's biographical memory, there is a propensity to fill in missing details from one's imagination. For this reason, the information that Denise revealed in hypnosis comes with no guarantee that it is objectively real." (p.121.)


The authors then move on to the story of "Jennie", a woman who " a long-term, multigenerational experiencer, and her alien abduction events are currently ongoing." (p.137.) The authors note "It is undeniable that Jennie exhibits nearly all of the characteristics that are common among UFO abduction experiencers." (p.200.) They note that there is widespread reporting of "paranormal activity" by experiencers.

Final section and explanations:

Finally, the authors report briefly on the accounts of a number of other experiencers. They then go on to say that along the way, several hypotheses to explain these events were examined by them. " has been necessary for us to examine several alternative hypotheses, including psychological states (already discussed throughout this book), demonic possession, and astral entity attachment." (p.224.)

"As we move toward the end of the book, we consider it imperative to state that Denise and I have carefully weighed each of the above hypotheses and believe that each might pertain to a particular type of experience. However, one alone should not be considered an all encompassing explanation for alien abduction." (p.228.)

Their final words are "All of this supports the extra-terrestrial hypothesis of alien visitation and the abduction of humans." (p.229.)


  1. Marden is hypnotising people now? Egad!

    1. Upon reading this book it is very similar to what happened to me over fifty years ago. What is troubling is that the mantis type are very powerful with their mind and how they search your thoughts. There is no place to hide once they lock onto you. Even their new space craft functioning like a living organism crossed my mind when the craft I saw seem to slip behind a curtain like putting a letter into an envelope. The book does support what is happening to others being chosen around the world for research without their consent.


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