Monday, November 4, 2013

New book alert - Zimmermann

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I have heard a lot about the large numbers of UAP sightings from the Hudson Valley ( click here) region of the US state of New York (click here for more information on the Hudson Valley itself.)

When I came across a new 2013 book, "In the Night Sky: Hudson Valley UFO sightings From the 1930's to the Present," by Linda Zimmermann, published by Eagle Press, New York, ISBN 978-1-937174-19-4, I read it with great interest.

Why the book?

 Author Linda Zimmermann, reveals that she was born " the Hudson Valley, a hotspot of UFO sightings for generations." (p.1.) She is also interested in astronomy, life in the universe, "...And last but certainly not least, because I have seen things I cannot explain." (p.1.)

Zimmermann lectured on a number of topics and gravitated to talking on "Astronaut Close Encounters." In 2004, a friend who was a reporter, told Linda about his personal UFO sighting. In 2011, after hearing of other UAP encounters, Linda decided to write a fictional book about UFOs but then decided to write instead a non-fiction work, and with the assistance of others, also made a documentary on the topic.

The witnesses:

Linda advertised in local papers and this brought forward a cascade of people who wished to tell their stories.

The cases:

Linda decided to group "...stories according to what they had in common, where possible..." (p.13.) So, chapter three is titled "The Triangles (mainly early 80's to mid 1990's); chapter four is "The Hoaxing Pilots" (one of the skeptics' favourite explanations.)

Chapter eight tells of accounts from Ulster County; while chapter nine explores observations from the locality of  the locality of "Pine Bush." Chapter ten takes a look at "The Skeptics" viewpoint which explores some conventional explanations for some of the events.

"Abduction alley" is the title of chapter eleven, for just as there are abduction accounts from all over the world, there are such reported occurrences in the Hudson Valley.

Later chapters cover such topics as "Out on the fringe;" weird accounts of implants;  alleged government harassment, and cover ups.

In conclusion:

Linda writes "I'm angry by the way witnesses have been mistreated. I'm angry at the official government response - or more accurately, their lack of response. And I'm angry that something has been going on in the Hudson Valley that has been affecting people for generations, and its all been mocked, ignored or generally swept under the carpet." (p.336.)

My thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's the sort of book on UAP which I prefer. There are details of sightings with text and pictures, which you can mull over. You can run the data presented there through your head and make your own analysis of what could have been the stimuli for the sighting.

I would recommend this work to any UAP researcher. My copy came from the local library but I'll be adding a copy to my personal bookshelf.

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