Thursday, April 25, 2013

PDF files now available of National Archives of Australia UAP files

Hi all,

UK researcher Isaac Koi has worked in recent months to create PDF versions of digitised UAP files in the National Archives of Australia (NAA.)

Today, Isaac announced that anyone can now download his collection of these files, after he received permission from the NAA to upload them to his online site. Also included in the download is a table which provides some details of the relevant files.

To download the entire collection go to:

The collection may also be viewed at:

Isaac'a suggestion is:

"In short, use the Wetransfer link above if you want the entire collection and it is before 6 May 2013. Use the Skydrive link above if you only want a single file or it is after 6 May 2013. "

In addition, Isaac has placed a copy of a 121 page guide to the files, prepared by myself, on behalf of the Disclosure Australia Project (2003-2008.) This can be found at:

Isaac is to congratulated on this initiative, which will allow more people to directly access these Australian UAP files.

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