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"Insiders" and their knowledge

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Some readers of this blog will be aware that I have sometimes been critical of so called "insiders" who provide us with details of their "knowledge" of what the government knows about UAP (see my comments about Ed Mitchell for an example.) It was therefore of special interest to me, when I came across another "insider", when re-reading Leslie Kean's book "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on The Record" (Published by Harmony Books. New York. 2010. ISBN 978-0-307-71684-2.) (Click here.)

Commander Will Miller: (click here)

Retired from the U.S. Navy, part of Miller's credentials, as cited by Kean, are:

"He later became a senior Department of Defense command center operations action officer, a senior intelligence analyst, and a program manager for DoD future operations programs such as  WWIII planning, non lethal weapons systems and future space systems. He was an advisor to US space command and US Southern Command and its international counter drug operations; Joint Inter agency Task Force east. As an expert in special contingency operations, Miller held  a Top Secret Clearance with Sensitive Compartmental Information (SCI) access..." (p.234.)

Kean mentions that Miller "...had his own sighting from a Naval vessel while serving near Vietnam." (p.234.)

Through the 1980's "I was simply a concerned officer who studied the subject, looked at the facts, and talked to people in the military...People with personal knowledge would seek me out because they knew I had an interest. I've done this for a long time." (p.234.)


In 1994 he retired from the Navy. He "...began taking steps to set up a series of information briefings that culminated in meetings in 1997 with Vice Admiral Thomas R Wilson, vice director for intelligence on the Joint Staff (click here) and in 1998 with Lieutenant General Patrick M Hughes (click here) , director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)..." (pp234-235.)

Kean writes "He explains that he raised two national security concerns at his briefings: the risk of uninformed human aggression towards UFOs, leading to a possible disaster, and the government's disregard for public concern about UFOs and its refusals to provide honest answers to legitimate questions." (p.235.)

According to Kean, "Throughout the years, as he continued to speak with his contacts, he became more and more concerned of the existence of a well-concealed, "need-to-know" UFO program, based on statements that he says confirm this fact, made by military personnel attending his Pentagon briefings and others." (p.236.)

Miller himself, in a 2009 email to Kean writes:

"The 'control group' cannot allow any information on their closely held UFO research to be accessed by anyone outside of those specifically cleared for that Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP). Neither Joint Chiefs of Staff Intelligence nor the director of the DIA himself could get ANY information on the subject; this is a fact." (p.236.)


After typing the above material, I asked myself if we had ever had any Australian "insiders" who claimed that there was an ongoing secret Australian UAP study?

I'll take a moment to think back over the years....No, I cannot think of anyone in the RAAF; CSIRO; DSTO or the intelligence agencies who has come forward making this claim.

On the other hand, an Australian insider named Ken Llewelyn, a RAAF Senior Public Relations Officer, wrote a 1992 book "Flight Into the Ages" about government knowledge (click here.)

Bill Chalker, writing about Llewelyn in the recent book "UFOs and Government" (Swords, Powell et al. Anomalist Books. San Antonio. ISBN 19 33 66 55 80. click here ) says:

" When asked about the perennial charges of cover-ups, he said he had such regular and sufficient contact at high levels in the RAAF to be certain that there was no evidence of hidden cells of high power in the UFO mystery...that as of 1992, the current intelligence head was emphatic that there had been no real interest since 1984..." (p.411.)

Final comment:

Anonymous and named "insiders" abound on the Internet. Their stories initially, may sound credible and amazing. However, deeper checks almost inevitably reveal problems.

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