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New book alert - Clarke - The UFO Files 2nd ed.

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United Kingdom (UK)  researcher David Clarke's 2009 book (click here), "The UFO Files: The Inside Story of Real Life Sightings" has been updated and republished in 2012. (2nd ed. Bloomsbury. London. ISBN 978-1-4081-6489-1.) The book examines UK related material as found in The National Archives in the UK (click here.)

The new edition:

The original edition has been revised, with new sections of text, based on the further release of UK government files between 2009 and 2012; and additional research which Clarke has been able to undertake after examining new material. This has resulted in an increase in the number of pages in the book, from 160 to 208.

While the structure of the updated version follows the original work, there is a completely new chapter titled "Closing the UFO files." here we learn of:

* The truth behind the newspaper headline "24,000 mph UFO buzzes Britain"

* The details of the investigations into the 1996 Lincolnshire "...highly evidential radar/visual UFO 'flap' lurking in the MOD's records. This complex incident would become the last to be subjected to a detailed military investigation." (p.159.)

* The account of "Easily the weirdest report to emerge from the UFO files released by the National Archives in 2009..." (p.182.)

* The internal workload of the MOD's "UFO desk"

* "One of the most impressive UFO sightings in the first decade of the new century..." (p.166)

* The reaction of the MOD to the UK's Freedom of Information Act

* The end of official UK interest in UFOs?


Even though I had a copy of the first edition of this book, when I perused the new edition, I found sufficient new information to make me decide to purchase the second edition.

I'm glad that I did, as the insightful analysis of the UK MOD's actions; together with the range of sightings presented, was well worth it.

This book makes a great companion to the recently published book "UFOs and Government" (click here for my take on this book.)

For anyone who has been following the unfolding saga of the uncovering of the extent of the Australian government's UAP files, the parallel unveiling of the UK's story makes fascinating reading.

After reading this book, a question arose in my mind. If the Australian, UK, New Zealand and the US government's official line is that UAP do not represent a threat to national security, and their official programs have closed down, is anyone in these governments continuing to monitor UAP? (Click here for an excellent post on this area by Pauline Wilson.) My answer, is that you can bet that someone, somewhere in these governments is still keeping an eye on the subject. What do readers think?

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