Monday, August 13, 2012

"Solving the Communion Enigma: What Is To Come" - Part two

This post continues my look at Whitley Strieber's latest book.

Topics other than abductions:

Strieber reviews the topic of crop circles, and animal mutilations in ensuing chapters. "As I have said, most of the researchers believe that we are looking at the work of creatures from another planet. Personally, I wonder if there is not a more thorough and accurate way of describing what is happening." (p.141.)

"The fact that our visitors are often seen walking through walls, as I have personally seen...Maybe driving into other universes in a car isn't more than just imaginative misinterpretation of commonplace events. Maybe such things can actually happen..." (p.162.)

The dead;

"In the years that followed my conversation with the FAA inspector, I began to see, more and more, that the dead were involved with our supposed alien visitors, and through them with us." (p.171.)

"Are we looking here, through the door that may have so distressed Dr Von Neumann, and finding on the other side not aliens, but another evolution of the human species..." (p.172.)

"It seems to me that the persistent appearance of the dead in the company of the visitors suggests that their mere presence breaks down the most fundamental of all barriers, which is the one that separates the living from the dead." (p.172.)

The Master of the Key:

Encounters with a mysterious entity Strieber calls "The Master of the Key" leads Strieber to write "The Master of the key opened a door for me when he commented, "You must understand that the living and the dead share the same world." He then added "You the living are changing now. As this change proceeds, your are better and better able to feel the presence of your dead." (p.192.)

"...the entire enterprise of close encounter is about the dropping of the veil between those who are in physical form and those who the Master said are in 'radiant' form." (p.192.)

"If conflict between mankind and this other level of consciousness is not even happening primarily in what we think of as  the physical world, but in another aspect of reality, then it might appear as it does to us: extraordinary confusing..." (p.193.) If so then at our level " is operating as an attempt to shock us into a new level of awareness." (p.193.)

Will they contact us?

"As the United States is unlikely to admit that it knows that the visitors are real, it would seem that unless something completely unforeseen happens (always, perhaps the leading possibility), then they are not going to initiate contact, if at all, unless they must." (p.212.)


There are some very interesting points which Strieber raises in this latest work, although some, such as the concept of talking to a dead friend who was with what appeared to be aliens, is a little hard to deal with.

What do readers think of Strieber's thoughts in this deep and complex work?

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