Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Precognitive sentient phenomena"

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In Adelaide, the month of March is transeasonal. We get days where the maximum temperatures are in the low 30's C, like yesterday, and days which barely reach 20 degrees C. You quickly learn to dress for the day, not for March, which is autumn here in the southern hemisphere. On the cooler days I get out and about after work, taking a walk. On the hotter days, after work, I hibernate and read. At the moment I am re-reading John B. Alexander's 2011 book titled "UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities."Click here for my take on the book )Thomas Dunne Books,New York, ISBN 978-0-312-64834-3, for a second time.


On the first read through this book I quickly noted  the section dealing with what Alexander calls "Precognitive sentient phenomena" (PSP.)

"The precognitive sentient phenomena concept suggests that there is some external controlling agent that initiates these events that are observed and reported. It appears as though that agent not only determines all factors of the event, but is already (i.e. precognitively) aware of how the observers or researchers will respond to any given stimuli. The agent can be considered like the Trickster that is always in control of the observations. Every time researchers get close to an understanding of the situation, the parameters are altered or new variables are entered into the equation." (pp227-228.) (For an excellent look at the Trickster concept, click here.)

Alexander points out that "...the variety of observations does suggest that there are just too many different types of UFOs reported..." (p.228.) which is a problem when looking for an explanation.


Alexander considers that we should "..not just limit the input to sightings of hard physical objects..." (p.229) noting that this has also been the view of other researchers, including of Jacques Vallee. "We agree that at times hard, physical craft exist, but there is much more to the phenomena." (p.229.)

Noting that UFO reports have changed over time, "This observation points to the conclusion that many of the physical craft that are seen tend to be in advance of current technology, but not beyond the understanding of human consciousness." (p.229.)

Skinwalker ranch:

In describing some of the characteristics of a ranch in south-eastern Utah, (click here) where unusual phenomena have been  reported over a long time period, Alexander points out that "Extensive research in other equally arcane fields contributed to development of the notion of possible precognitive sentient phenomena." (p.232.)

Readers of this blog who have come across Kelleher and Knapp's book "Hunt for the skinwalker" (click here) will be familiar with such accounts as,  the ranch's balls of light; unusual animals being seen; and the August 1997 observation of what can only be described as an inter dimensional tunnel complete with emerging creature.

Other cases:

Alexander argues that in the Cash-Landrum case (click here)  where the witnesses reported seeing numerous US Army and other helicopters present "..we have almost no evidence that the helicopters were real..." (p.236.) "...if PSP is considered...One possibility would be that the UFO could employ holographic technology...another alternative is that the UFO was able to project that imagery directly into the brains of the observers..." (p.237.)

Startegic weapons:

Illustrating his argument with the Malmstrom (USA) (click here) and Byelokorociche (Russia) missile cases, he poses the question "...whether a PSP was able to interact with these nuclear weapons in the manner most likely to cause concern..." (p.238.)


In summarising his PSP hypothesis, Alexander notes that "Whatever the origin of the UFO phenomena, it is unlikely that a single simple theory will adequately resolve all of the observations." (p.2563.)

He then points out that "Clearly, UFO sightings are but a subset of a multifarious macrocosm of phenomena. " (p.253.) "These, when examined in a broader  context, suggest that emergent patterns  are discernible. These seem to intimate that there exists sentience that lies beyond current comprehension, yet controls the presentation of  seemingly improbable observations." (pp253-254.)


Many researchers have suggested the need to look beyond the ETH. Alexander's PSP hypothesis is an intriguing one.


  1. I believe col. alexander is right on about the P.S.P. ..One thing I would like to add to this is they target individuals...They let you see what they want you to see..They let you exsperiance the paranormal so you know their world..A world where I will eventually be...

  2. Couple years back i would laught at the above comment,Then it happens to you and you are like wtf,and you do a 180.Now i believe


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