Sunday, December 12, 2010

The new "UFO Matrix" magazine

Dear readers

Adelaide's unusual rainy summer and below average summer temperatures continues into the sixth day. Barely 20 degrees Celsius was our maximum yesterday, so I went for a trip into the City. Border's bookshop in Rundle Mall was my target.

I was delighted to find Volume 1 Issue 2 of the new United Kingdom magazine "UFO Matrix" (click here.) I was even more delighted to note that the magazine's Australian contributors are Lee Paqui and Sheryl Gottschall of UFO Research Queensland.

Their Australian contribution this issue, is a piece on UFO Research Queensland itself as an organisation. The piece starts off telling us that UFORQ "...has recorded over 5000 reports since it was first established in 1956."

Illustrating the quality of Australian reports, are brief details of the world known 1966 Tully, Queensland, "saucer nest" case (click here) and the 1959 Boianai Mission CE3 event (click here.)

A number of other Queensland events are described, including close encounters near Brisbane and Rockhampton, of which I had not previously heard.

Besides the Australian piece, the issue contains pieces by Nigel Watson on abductions; Albert S Rosales on types of beings encountered in the UFO field; Yvonne Smith's personal journey; more from the "Alien Autopsy casebook" and much more.

The Australian price is $11.95 for a 100 page quality issue, packed with some old but much new material. In my opinion,this mag provides you with a much better coverage of world news and world class researchers than does our local "UFOlogist" (click here) so I will be spending my spare dollars on this rather than the "UFOlogist" in future.

Highly recommended reading.

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  1. Pauline,
    While you are entitled to your magazine choice I couldn't disagree more with your views here. On a cost per page basis $7.95 (the cost of the Australian publication Ufologist)will buy you 67 pages of glossy UK "UFO Matrix", while the $7.95 gets you 76 pages of the Ufologist. The UFO Matrix magazine gives you glossy pages sure skewed towards UK content with some international content. The Ufologist gives you non glossy pages skewed towards Australian content with some international content. The Australian column in the UFO Matrix is skewed towards the views and message of UFO Research Qld, with some occassional broader content. The 2nd issue column broader content? A meditation on the Carpenter song Calling Occupants. Hmmm... If I had to make a choice I'd rather support an Australian magazine skewed towards Australian content. Most of the international content in both magazines can often be encountered on the Internet. I'd hope you would profile each issue of the Ufologist and support the Australian product, but its your blog.
    Bill Chalker


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