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What the ...?

Dear readers

Sometimes, I read a book, and do a double take, in disbelief at the contents. I have to read sections of it twice, to check if it really said what I thought it said! Such was my reaction to the book "Montauk:the alien connection" by Stewart Swerdlow ( edited by Peter Moon.) Published by Sky Books, of New York, it's not a recent book, having been published in 1998. It's just that I only came across it the other week.

Strangely, I had no idea what Montauk referred to. An appendix in the book set me straight. "Colloquially known as the Montauk Project, the origin of this bizarre operation date back to 1943 when invisibility experiments were conducted aboard the USS Eldridge... stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard..."Philadelphia Experiment."" (p.215.)

So, the Montauk Project is said to be about interdimensional travel; a secret group at a derelict Air Force base at Montauk Point, New York; mind control, psychics; and aliens.

Researchers involved in the Project are named as Preston Nichols; Duncan Cameron; Al Bielek (Duncan Cameron's brother.)

Links to the project were said to involve oculist Aleister Crowley; mathematician John Von Nuemann; Amanda Crowley and ufologist John Ford.

This book then, is about the life story of Stewart Swerdlow. "As a child I saw the spirits of dead people hanging around..." (p.27.) "Alien beings routinely pursued me in my childhood." (p.27.) "My worst childhood memories are of what are commonly called "alien abductions."" (p.28.) "The nightmares became more intense as I got older, as did my preoccupation with UFOs and aliens." (p.41.) "Almost every night, I felt my consciousness lift out of my body and enter a room of bright light where I was intensely instructed." (p.41.) "In fact, actual physical abduction only occurred two or three times each year. The rest of the times were astral ..." (p.45.) "The abductions continued for the rest of my teen years and into my twenties." (p.51.)

These facts all seem familiar to anyone who has read a book by an abductee who has had lifelong experiences, but there is more to come. Stewart recalls that he was in fact, personally part of the Montauk Project. "My memories of being part of the Montauk Project were not pleasant at all. When I was a prepubescent child, my role was one of subservience strapped to a table, I was examined, mentally scanned for my brainwave signature, or sexually abused in ways that stored my energetics and magnified by computer." (p.53.) "The administrator placed me in charge of disciplining the younger boys ...They were also taught how to relinquish their bodies and allow themselves to die...(p.54.) "Fear, coupled with the physical and mental strain of the work, often killed the boys." (p.54.) "In addition, they were often the targets of sexual abuse by an unscrupulous segment of project workers..." (p54.) "Frequently, they were simply starved to death and left to decompose..." (p.55.) "Most of the boys were from outside of the New York area because the disappearance of so many from one single location would be too suspicious." (p.56.) "My role was to prepare the boys for use with the Project psychics...This energy was tapped, magnified and plugged the point where he (Duncan Cameron) was able to open doorways to other dimensions." (p.57.)

Swerdlow is basically describing a project where people were utilising "energy" from children to open dimensional doorways, which led to the death of these children!

Swerdlow goes on to describe his travels, through life in Israel, and the US. This story weaves together accounts of underage sex (p. 85); numerous meetings with aliens; incidents involving his wife and children; his involvement with attempts at being recruited by the CIA (pp110-119); strange helicopters over his house; and being entrapped into a job "I soon found out that this (his employer) were underhanded people with high connections to organised crime." (p.121.)

He relates how he became involved with an abductee support group (pp124-125) which went wrong; and then met Preston Nichols (p.127). Preston told Stewart "...he believed I was one of the "Montauk boys" These were the children used in the heinous mind control and genetic experiments, as well as time travel work...He seemed to be telling me about my own life." (p128.) It seemed that memories surfaced of Stewart's involvement in the Montauk Project. It was also around this time that Stewart was charged with embezzlement from his employers. Then he met a woman who "...was turning me into her own personal robot." (p146.) At this point he felt like committing suicide. (p146.)

He was sentenced to jail and served time, during which he communicated by phone with a woman who deprogrammed him (p. 174) He used his skills to heal people, and received transmissions from elsewhere.

Getting out of prison he went to a halfway house in New York (p.183.) Here he says a guard showed him "Soviet satellite photos of Area 51...and identify the buildings and runways." (p.183.)

Stewart then got into a study of "radionics" following which he met a woman, Janet. "I recalled being with her in a different place and time on another planet a millennium ago." (p.192.)"My parents and sister thought I was crazy to be in love with a married woman 3000 miles across the country...Once again I doubted my own sanity." (p192.) This woman moved across the country to live with, and have a child by Stewart. (p201.)

Such is my summary of this book. Certainly a bizarre and often unbelievable work, lacking confirmatory evidence and citations.

Dear readers, have you read any of what has been a series of books on various aspects of the Montauk Project, and what have you made of them?

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  1. Whenever I read claims of demonic aliens, underground bunkers and human torture my BS detector springs to life and arms the torpedoes. The Philadelphia Experiment was absurd from the beginning and clearly appeared fictional. Jaqcues Vallee investigated the case, tracked down the protagonists and demonstrated that it was a hoax.

    Just knowing that detail slices through all the BS in the Montauk story.

    The field of ufology has had a steady stream of stories about demonic aliens, abduction, underground bases and elements of Satanic rites for decades. Collins Elite, LMH, Doty and interviewees from Projects Camelot and Avalon etc. Lear, Cooper and Grace too? It deserves a book drawing the strands together.

    Vallee's paper...


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