Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back to Exopolitics

Dear readers

Well, it's a perfect Autumn day here in Adelaide. Partly cloudy skies and 22 degrees centigrade maximum. I'm back looking at more material dealing with Exopolitics, in my bid to understand the origins, players and detail of this topic.

One of the individuals mentioned on the website was Ed Komarek, who along with Mike Jamieson ran "Operation Right To Know" (ORTK) in the USA, between 1992-1995.

ORTK was a political activist group (click here to read some of their Newsletters.)

Ed Komarek has published a blog for several years now (click here to go there.)

The blog's home page reads "Exopolitics is based upon the understanding that earth is being visited by many advanced extraterrestrial races with diverse ethics, motives and agendas.The dynamics of the interactions between ET races and this interaction with earth humanity is to be explored on this site."

Ed's "About me" area includes "He was involved in exopolitics long before the word Exopolitics was coined by Afred Webre..." Ed lives in the USA and is now aged 61.

You can browse the blog articles by title and he also has a free e-book available at: which gathers together his earlier articles.

Recent articles on the blog include:

(1) "Brazil UFO/ET disclosure" -about the opening up of official Brazilian government UFO files.

(2) "Intel product for Policymakers" which includes "I think the four major UFO/ET issues are: The overpopulation driven ELE (Extinction Level Event), UFO/ET disclosure and how to pay for it, International Security Issues relating to trade with extraterrestrial races, and consciousness issues. Some of the secondary issues are: Issues dealing with the secret space fleet's atomic reactors, and Solar Warden's general effect on global security..."

A 30 October 2009 post "Is disclosure imminent?" states "I am aware of six different civilian-government high level disclosure efforts lobbying for UFO/ET disclosure..." The list is:

1. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project.
2. Clay and Shawn Pickering's Ad Hock Military UFO Working Group.
3. Steven Bassett's Paradigm Research Group.
4. Dan Smith's CIA R & D Disclosure Operation.
5. Gordon Novel's Project RAM Disclosure.
6. Ed Komarek's source "...a person that claims to have close ties to a member of Congress well informed on UFO/ET."

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