Friday, March 16, 2012

A 1942 Australian UFO photograph?

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There are very few early Australian UFO photographs. So, I was surprised to come across the following. I would welcome any further information which Blog readers may have come across on this latest case.

October 1942 Devils Marbles, Northern Territory.

"A photograph on the wall of the roadhouse -given to Farkas by Alice Springs plumber Phil Martin - shows Australian  soldiers posing at nearby Devils Marbles in October 1942, with a small silver craft hovering nearby, clearly in shot." Farkas is Lew Farkas, owner of the Big4Holiday Park, Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory.

The source for the above is Miller, Julie and Osborn, Grant. 2010. "Something is Out There: Unlocking Australia's Paranormal Secrets." Arena. Crows Nest, NSW. ISBN 978-1-74237-132-0. page 146.

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