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A reference catalogue of UAP reported from the Nullarbor Plain region of Southern Australia

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There are numerous references in books and Internet websites, about unusual aerial phenomena being reported from the Nullarbor Plain region of Southern Australia. However, I have never yet seen a catalogue of such events. This work is the draft version of such a catalogue. I have included extended versions of some case, where I have been able to locate information additional to that which is commonly known (such as the 1985 Ooldea train stop incident.)  On the other hand for such well known cases as the 20 January 1988 Mundrabilla event, I have only provided scant details. I welcome additional cases, which may be directed to me via email at keithbasterfield@yahoo.com.au


The cases:

1. 24 September 1949. Wigunda, South Australia. 1100hrs IFO?

“Two flying disks. Aborigines report on meteorite. Norseman Sep 27.

Aborigines at Wigunda, which is 36 miles east of Koonalda and 65 miles south of Cook have given further information concerning the meteorite which fell in the vicinity of Cook on Saturday morning.

Yesterday they told Mr Cyril Gurney of Koonalda that they had seen two disks flying through the air at terrific speed and several minutes later they had heard a crash and had seen a big cloud of dust rise from the ground in a north-westerly direction from Wigunda. It is now evident that the meteorite fell somewhere within the triangle of country between Cook in the north and Wigunda and Koonalda. Mr Gurney and men working the Eyre Highway will search for the spot next Sunday. The Adelaide University has communicated with Mr Gurney seeking all available information.”

(Source: “The West Australian” newspaper, Wednesday 28 September 1949, page 20.)

“The West Australian” dated Tuesday 27 September 1949, page 9 reports that Mr Cyril Gurney of Koonalda about 11am hear a roaring sound, followed by the earth vibrating. Three minutes later he felt a gush of hot wind come from the north-east.


2. 26 October 1951 Transcontinental railway line, South Australia. 0400hrs 3mins 1M

The driver of a train on the east-west transcontinental railway line between Adelaide and Perth, stated that he saw an object illuminating the countryside like the full Moon. It flew very fast, came close to the train, appeared to land in the desert, then took off and disappeared.

(Source: Vallee, J. “Anatomy of a Phenomenon.”) Note: a check of the Australian National Library’s Trove digitised newspaper collection failed to locate any newspaper articles about this event.


3. April (Easter) 1954. Eucla, Western Australia

Three young men travelling by car, related that they were followed by a saucer shaped object for some eighty kilometres. At times it was low enough that they were able to see portholes. Five cameras were used to take some ninety two exposures of the object. The men reported their observations to police, and they were interviewed by the authorities who flew in by helicopter, and who allegedly took away their cameras. Later the cameras were returned minus the films.

(Source: “Australian Saucer Record, “Volume 5, Number 3, 1959, page 13.)


4. 27 June 1954. Near Eucla, Western Australia

“Flying saucer. Perth. Three East-West motorists have reported seeing a flying saucer manoeuvring in the sky near the Nullarbor Plain. They watched it for 15 minutes as it flew about obviously under control. It appeared as a brilliant white light against a background of dark storm clouds and disappeared suddenly.

On their arrival at Kalgoorlie late last night, the motorists Mr T A Mulhrean, his wife and 23 year old son (Paul) of Sydney, said the saucer appeared north-west of Eucla on Sunday night. They thought they saw fins or elevators, on each side move up and down when it came within five miles of them at no more than 1000 feet.

Another party of motorists reported a similar object over the sea half an hour earlier the same night.”

(Source:  1. “Barrier Miner” Newspaper Broken Hill, Tuesday 29 June 1954, page 2.  2. “The West Australian Thursday 1 July 1954 page 1.)


5. 1955  Near Eucla, Western Australia. 3 males.  CE 3/photo

“Steady now! You don’t have to believe it.

Thing from outer space.

“Three young men returned to Melbourne with the picture (above) of what they said was a flying saucer pilot. One of them took the photograph about 14 miles from Eucla, on the South Australian border.

This is the story that Max Clow, 23, Alex Rose, 29 and Peter Johnson, 25 told:

They were driving through flat country covered by scrub and tall trees when they thought they heard what they thought was a blowout and stopped to look at the tyres. Then Johnson pointed out a shiny object falling to the ground about three miles away. After an hour’s search they found jagged pieces of shining metal and then saw a moving figure 50 yards away. They went closer and watched the figure for about 25 minutes.

Clow said: “It was like a frog from the back and a semi-human from the front, with a green cloak hanging to just above its knees. The two curved horns on each side of the head gave it a devilish appearance. Its feet and hands were armour plated, and to make it worse, it was wriggling and swaying like a fish out of water.”

Rose then plucked up his courage, moved nearer and took photographs. “Then to our amazement, it began to disintegrate before our eyes” said Clow.”

(Source: “Daily Telegraph” newspaper. 2 August  1955.)


6. Sep/Oct 1957. Maralinga, South Australia.  Dusk 15 mins Murray + others DD

RAF Corporal Derek Murray and colleagues observed a hovering object. Described as silver/blue in colour and having a metallic lustre. It had a line of ‘windows” or “portholes” along the edge. The object could be seen so clearly that they could make out what appeared to be plating on the object’s surface. The duty Air Traffic Controller reportedly checked with Alice Springs and Edinburgh Air ports but they reported no sightings. After about 15 minutes, the object left quickly without noise.

Murray stated that “I swear to you as a practising Christian this was no dream, no illusion, not fairy story but a solid craft of metallic construction.”

(Source: Chalker, B. (1996.) “UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under: The Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO controversy.”  http://project1947.com/forum/bcoz2.htm  Originally reported by Murray to UK researcher Jenny Randles.)

Note: Date sometimes given as 2 November 1957; e.g. Spencer, John. “World Atlas of UFOs, Smithmark, New York. 1992. ISBN 0-8317-9498-4.)


7. 30 July  1965 Cook, South Australia.  0835hrs 10mins 5M DO

The Establishment Security Officer, Woomera advised:

ROGAN Commonwealth railways Port Augusta reports that gang working at 639 miles (approximately 70 miles west of Cook) saw UFO between 0835 and 0845 30 July 65. to south of railway link. Appeared hovering silver colour reflecting Sun’s rays. Watched for ten minutes by five men. Disappeared with a flash ESO MARA may be able to obtain more information from road master Cook.”

(Source: Digital copy of National Archives of Australia. File series A703, control symbol 580/1/1 part 4 page 76.)


8. 22 August 1968. Zanthus, Western Australia.  1740hrs 10mins 2M Smith & Gardin DO

Aircraft VH-RTO was flying a charter run between Adelaide and Perth. Was at 8000 feet, 190-195 knots, tracking 270 degrees magnetic. Gardin saw a UFO and woke Smith. Ahead of the aircraft at the same level and 50 degrees to the right of Smith’s seat, Smith said “I saw, a formation of aircraft. In the middle was a large aircraft, and formatted to the right and left and above, were 4 or 5 smaller aircraft. ”Kalgoorlie DCA advised them there was no traffic in the area. Then radio communications were lost. “Main ship split into two sections still maintaining the same level, and the smaller aircraft then flew out left and right…At this time there appeared to be about 6 smaller aircraft taking turns of going out and coming back and formatting in the two halves…Sometimes the two halves joined and split, and the whole cycle continued for 10 minutes…smaller craft had a constant cigar shape…At 0950 GMT the whole formation joined together as if at a single command. Then departed at a tremendous speed…departed in about 3 or 4 seconds, diminishing in size till out of sight.”  Weather was fine, no haze above 5000 feet, 2/8 alto stratus to the south. Immediately after the departure of the objects radio communications resumed. (1. The West Australian 24 Aug 1968 p.13. 2. NAA file series A703 control symbol 580/1/1 part 10 pp 145, 160, 218-223.  3. Flying Saucer Review 24(5):9-10 4. 5. The Daily News, Perth, 23 Aug 1968. 6. Interview with Gardin 2011, by Keith Basterfield.) [Not in RAAF summary]


9. 15 Jul 1960. Maralinga. Ca. 1900hrs

-          7.15pm Constable H D Scarborough saw a light of “…approximately the power of bright moonlight, playing on the ground.” The white light was moving from East to West. It grew larger in size and turned red. The duration was estimated at 30 seconds. Scarborough was located 15 miles from Maralinga village


-          7pm. Constable R H Maxwell was 13 miles from the village and saw a light which appeared to come from the direction of Wewak-a place 2.25 miles away


-          7pm Maralinga Village. Witnesses Ross, Hoskins, Kingsley and Haskard saw a light over the REME workshop building in the village coming from Wewak. Duration estimated between 2-15 seconds


-          7.10pm Mrs Fuller at a homestead 500 miles NW of Woomera reported a bright light and heard two loud “bangs” seemingly from the light travelling SW to East. It changed colour from white to red. The “bangs” occurred two minutes after the light was seen


-          Between 7.30 and 8pm. Giles weather station. Observer saw a light bearing 100 degrees true at 15 degrees elevation. Reddish glow which faded and then came on again


-          Also seen from Ernabella, Kenmore Park and Kulgera.


Explanations ranged from St Elmo’s fire; a meteor; to a “…reflection of distant vehicle lights on a low inversion layer” to a “flying saucer.” The flying saucer explanation is worth elaborating on, for the opinion came from none other than Harry Turner, the ex Joint Intelligence Bureau officer whom we interviewed last year. “Mr Oliver Harry Turner, Health Physics Officer, who possesses an inquiring mind, made an independent investigation and extensive calculations. He is of the opinion that the light was not the result of a natural phenomenon but caused by an unidentified flying object, either a cone from a satellite or a “flying saucer.””

(Source: File series A6456, control symbol R029/284 located in Canberra titled: “Weapons Research Establishment (WRE) Salisbury-Department of Supply-Maralinga Project-General-Policy and Administration.” In its 45 pages there are 7 which relate details of the sighting.)


File note:

While recently speaking to a friend of mine who used to work in the RAAF, he told me the following account. A RAAF helicopter pilot told my friend that in the early 1970’s he, the pilot, had on one occasion, flown a helicopter over a tourist bus on the Nullarbor Plain at night. After hovering over the bus, the pilot moved away from the bus, circled and came back over the bus. The pilot then landed his copter at a roadhouse and when the tourist bus passengers arrived at that roadhouse, he listened to them talking about seeing a UFO over the bus.


10. October 1970. Nullarbor Plain.

Two people were driving in a panel van, when they noticed a bright, white light over their vehicle. The driver found they had no control over speeding or speed. The vehicle seemed to be up in the air. Finally, they somehow found themselves back on the road. Some 32 hours of missing time occurred, and their watches stopped.

(Source: Basterfield, K. “Australian Abductions: A Catalogue of Cases.” Very brief personal communication to author.)


11. September 1973. Nullarbor Plain.

A truck driver who had travelled the Nullarbor many times related that once he saw “…a white light zig zag in front of his truck and all over the road.” He also stated that once as he slept in his truck in the parking area outside the Mundrabilla roadhouse, something violently shook his truck a number of times. He got out but there was no one around.

(Source: http://www.strangedayz.co.uk 25 September 2007 item titled “UFOs on the Nullarbor Plain.”)


12. Sep 1973.  Ivy Tanks, South Australia.  0300hrs 1F Ringer  CE3

A thirty two year old woman was a passenger in a semi-trailer travelling across to Perth. She had been asleep for about an hour when a "voice" called her name and told her to look out the window. She did so and saw an egg shaped surrounded by a "force field" on the ground. The figure of a man was walking towards the egg, while another man was sitting inside the object. The first man entered the egg; the glow died down, leaving only one white light on. The driver pulled up the truck but when asked, said he had seen nothing. They did not go back to check the spot.

(Source: Keith Basterfield & Vladimir Godic. 1973interview with witness Astrid Ringer.)


13. 1974. Nullarbor Plain, west bound train.

A hoaxed film was taken from the train window during the say. The hoaxer stated that he cut a piece of paper into a lens shape, shaded the top part grey and the bottom black, stuck it to the window and took an 8mm movie film.


14.  Ca. 1977. Near the South Australian/Western Australia Border. CE2/retrieval

“A source told me he knew of at least 3 separate UFO crashes in Australia. They were allegedly the focus of an operation devoted to retrievals of the objects and any beings present. Australian and US military teams intent on "contact" apparently used individuals with histories of UFO encounters to help identify possible event locations. My source claims these individuals apparently come from military ranks. One alleged incident was described in great detail.

My source describes the following extraordinary incident, in which he claims to have been a direct participant. I have not been able to verify this story due to concerns that any attempt to check his bonafides may draw unwanted attention to him - a frustrating or convenient Catch 22 depending on your point of view. While the details seem unbelievable, I have heard various elements of the story as features in other unrelated episodes. This does not validate the story but it makes it at least a fascinating yarn that may yet yield confirmatory details.

In about 1977 a UFO, first seen as a purple green "fireball", was observed to "crash" near the South Australia - Western Australia border, some distance north of the Eyre Highway. A retrieval team was on location within hours and confirmed the presence of a large damaged object, completely unlike any conventional aircraft. Smaller than a Boeing, it had something of a triangular appearance. There was charcoal coloured debris present.

The team quickly verified that two men had already entered the crashed UFO. One of them, indicating he was with the transport division of the Australian army, had emerged from the craft in a somewhat dazed condition. He stated that one of the UFO occupants was still alive. He was subjected to immediate decontamination procedures. The man's companion was apparently determined to be a US citizen.

He was separated from the Australian and taken into custody. Allegedly he was determined to be AWOL and was taken back to the US. The Australian army transport driver was subjected to standard interrogation procedures. He was returned to his vehicle and escorted to his destination and then relocated to Exmouth for two weeks of intensive interrogation and debriefing designed to ensure he was not a security threat to the operation.

The retrieval group verified the presence of two beings inside the craft. One was deceased. The other indicated signs of life uttering a slight squealing noise possibly indicative of being in pain. Both appeared to be pot bellied, with arms that seemed thinner and longer than normal. They were both about 4'6" to 5' in height. Their eyes appeared to be wider than normal and looked black. No ears or hair was noticed. My informant did not participate in the actual removal of the beings and craft but verified that the site was totally cleaned up leaving no evidence of any crash incident.

The retrieval operation was allegedly part of a joint US Australian operation to recover alien technology and life forms. Military personnel who had been assessed and determined to have a history of verified UFO sightings, were used in an "outer cell" operation to locate apparent sighting "hot spots". Once the site was verified as active the retrieval/contact team was sent in. Operations of this nature were alleged to have occurred in the Nullarbor area and near Marble Bar. My source  claimed he was aware of 4 apparent UFO crash events.

My source insists that what he told me and an associate is true. A certain bitterness enters his recollections given what he claims to have gone through. There is much that I cannot describe because of concerns about his well being if the stories are true. He said to me, "You might think this shit, but it is true... All my stories would be verified." When I indicated that I would like to air these stories for the purpose of possible verification, and I indicated concern about possible repercussions for him, he had some misgivings.

He was concerned that there were things he had said that perhaps he should not have said, particularly to my associate who first heard his story in a non investigative setting. But then finally he concluded, "If they get wind of me, stiff shit!" This might be mere bravado or a nice flourish for a yarn spinner. Which is appropriate I cannot yet be certain. There was much in this story that troubles me.”

(Source: Chalker, Bill. “UFO crash/Retrieval stories: The Australian Experience.”)


15. 5 February 1978. Balladonia, Western Australia.  0400hrs 3 hours 1Male

“While driving west approximately 20-30 miles east from Balladonia, I observed a large spotlight coming towards me, coming from the west going east. I thought it was another vehicle, so I put my high beam on and off several times, but the other light did not change. Then I could see a large diamond shaped light coming towards me. It had red, blue, green and yellow lights reflecting off the road directly below it. The white light momentarily blinded me, so I don’t know whether it went directly overhead or veered to one side of me.

Then I stopped the truck and got out. But I couldn’t see anything. After a couple of minutes I started driving again. I started looking around when I noticed a round dull white light or object on my right hand side which was approximately 2-3 inches in diameter, also travelling the same speed as my truck. I then stopped and the object stopped. I started driving again, then the object moved again. Then it disappeared when I drove into Balladonia. About five minutes, it reappeared on my left hand side. I stopped, then another truck stopped which was coming from the west to see if I was alright. I asked if he could see anything, but the object had disappeared.

I started driving, then it reappeared left again. I switched my truck headlights off (while driving) then the object went from a round shape to an elongated shape which was approximately 17 inches by 6 inches high. It was a dull white colour with black segments (windows?). About one or two minutes later I switched my headlights on again, then the object disappeared. About ¼ to ½ an hour later, it reappeared on my right hand side as a round shape again. About 4.30am as the sky grew brighter, the object disappeared:

When I left Border Village I was fully clothed. When I drove past through Madura, but I couldn’t remember anything between …east of Balladonia except for, I remember talking to somebody about inventing something (somebody wanted me to take credit for their invention but I wouldn’t agree) also I remember speaking with two voices. Next thing I remember was 4 miles east of Balladonia when I stopped my truck to refuel it, when I noticed that I still had on my tee-shirt and Amco jacket and only my jockets, but my shorts were elsewhere in the truck cab. I didn’t pick up any hitch hikers or have anybody else with me on the trip from east to west.”

(Jeff Bell, UFO researcher from Perth, Western Australia.)


16. 16 May 1981. Cocklebiddy, Western Australia.  1915hrs 2wits Winsome

Mr H J Winsome and his wife were driving by car when they approached a stationary bright red, glowing structure apparently on the ground, not too far from the road. As they came level with it, it disappeared. Through their car window they saw a pink glow high in the sky. They experienced an uncomfortable perspiring effect on their bodies for a short while, although the outside air temperature was cool.

(Source: UFO Research South Australia.)

http://www.strangedayz.co.uk 25 September 2007 item titled “UFOs on the Nullarbor Plain” has the date as May 1992 and the location as 50 miles west of Cocklebiddy. Their account reads:

“Two people travelled across the Nullarbor, on an inky-black chilly night. They were shocked to see a dome-shaped object on the roadside just a few metres ahead of their vehicle. The stationary, silent vehicle glowed a bright red colour. As they drew alongside it totally vanished. When they glanced in their rear vision mirror they noticed a pale, pinkish glow high up in the sky, which rapidly headed westwards, before fading from view. The witnesses both stated that they had become uncomfortably hot, despite the chill of the night.”


17. 16 January 1985. Ooldea siding, 150kms east of Cook, South Australia. Night.  2M

(a) The driver of a freight train was said to have seen strange lights in the sky and reported them to train control in case they were from an aircraft in distress. In addition a story circulated that the “train had been stopped by a UFO.” Mr John Beatty, spokesman for the train company advised that there had been trouble with the engine and the crew had to uncouple some wagons on the long incline to Ooldea. (Source: The “Canberra Times” newspaper, Friday 18 January 1985 page 8.)

(b) “UFO disables freight train. Drivers claim mysterious light reduced power.

Two drivers claim a UFO stopped their freight train on an outback trip. Police and Australian National Railway authorities are trying to find out why the train was drained of power while crossing the Nullarbor Plain. Two locomotive engineers watched as a mysterious light hovered for several minutes above their freight train, which had lost power. The men were forced to uncouple some of the wagons to get to the top of a steep embankment.


ANR spokesman John Bettie said an investigation was under way into the incident which occurred last Wednesday night on the Trans-Australia line which links Adelaide and Perth. Mr Bettie said the men, experienced drivers, reported the light while heading west from Port Augusta in South Australia. “It appeared they sighted something several kilometres overhead as they neared a remote railway siding at Ooldea, 740kms north-west of Adelaide,” he said. “We don’t know what it was or what caused them to lose power as they climbed the hill.” Mr Bettie said the men had to uncouple most of the wagons to reach Ooldea.

The stretch of line where the incident took place is near the restricted Woomera military base and only a short distance from Maralinga. (Uncited newspaper. 18 Jan 1985.)

(c)” It was to my surprise finding your scanned newspaper articles, NSW-Australia-1983-1992. Article on the above subject. Why? In 1985 I was the Station Assistant on duty the night the UFO incident occurred. In the station we had a radio telephone with the sound always switched on. Hearing everything relayed to and from Train Control in Port Augusta to Train Drivers. In saying this, I heard the whole event take place. However, what the newspaper article failed to mention is that the “UFO” also had a problem (after hovering over the engine) and quote “went up steeply at height and crashed into the sand hills” as described by the driver and fireman.  (email communication between Anthony Clarke (UFO Research NSW) and witness Gary Edwards, July 2013.)

Anthony Clarke then spoke by telephone with Gary Edwards on 28 July 2013. Additional information gleaned was:

1. The event occurred on 16 January 1985 between 10pm and midnight.

2. At the time Edwards was 24 years of age and a Station Assistant at the locality of Cook,

3. Gary was on the radio telephone to the train driver at the time the incident was occurring for over 5 minutes.

4. He has never forgotten the event as it left him, the train driver and the fireman on the train quite terrified to speak about it. Their voices sounded terrified over the telephone. The event was not talked about with the train driver or fireman afterwards, everybody kept quiet because it was so out of their normal reality.

5. Immediately after the event Edwards telephoned Pine Gap and spoke to the Duty Officer at approximately midnight or 1am on the 17 January. He reported the vent wanting to let the authorities know.

6. Edwards stated that the National Railway Museum may have a copy of the Beattie report.

7. Gary stated that the UFO hovered over the train causing it to malfunction. The UFO appeared to rise up and crash into the sand hills near the train line.

8. Gary is not aware of the names of the two men on the train.

Anthony checked with the National Railway Museum which is in Adelaide who advised him that they did not hold copies of any ANR Incident Report on the event.

Further information from Gary:

“I was stationed at Cook. On the night I was waiting for freight train No. 1117 to arrive at approximately 0100hrs so I could change the crews and refuel. I finished my shift at 0130hrs (Thursday) As I recall the freight train did not arrive until approximately 0430hrs…And there was also a guard in the Break Van, cannot recall a “word” from him…I have found a copy of an old “Train Order” sent to me by the Museum Port Adelaide in 2010…with train No. 1117, as signed by me at 2300hrs travelling from the east…I must say approximately 1 hour after the event I telephoned Pine Gap, USAF Space Base near Alice Springs, from the Telecom public phone booth where I was stationed at Cook. Why contact them? Because they, the Americans, had the capability to search…”

Note: According to the Fourmilab Internet star chart, the planet Venus, at 2230hrs on that night, was 3 degrees above the horizon at an azimuth of 83 degrees, i.e. 7 degrees south of west. The train track at that location points westwards to an azimuth of roughly 75-0 degrees, i.e. very close to the position of Venus.

(d)  An Internet website has a post dated 27 December 2012 by “Soul-drifter” with essentially the details as provided by emails between Clarke and Edwards. However, the date of the event is given as December 1984 time 2330hrs. Points not in the above text but in this version are:

1. The train driver is quoted as saying “There is a bright light above us and we are losing power…It has moved beside the engine, went up and down a steep dive to the right…” The engine power then came back on. 

2. “According to Gary the train driver and firemen were clearly shaken up by the incident. So much so, that both men shortly thereafter quite their jobs and disappeared.”

3. “The event occurred at the Barton railway siding which is close to the Woomera, joint USA/AUS prohibited area. “

4. “Local rumours after the incident spoke of a crashed flying saucer recovered at the site and taken into the Woomera area.”

(e) “The News” Adelaide, newspaper dated 18 January 1985 has the following article.

“UFO- train claim false.

Australian National has denied claims that a UFO had drained power in a freight train travelling across the Nullarbor Plains. The train lost power last Wednesday night while climbing a steep embankment near remote Ooldea railway siding on the main Adelaide-Perth line, about 740k, north-west of Adelaide. Two locomotive engineers were forced to detach most of their wagons to climb the embankment, and returned later to pick them up. A spokesman for Australian national in Adelaide today said mechanical troubles and not mysterious lights had caused the power failure. “There were no mysterious lights hovering over the train and no flying saucers,” the spokesman said. “The drivers remarked that they saw some sort of car lights out in the bush.” There were suggestions the UFO claims were a joke among railway workers. According to Australian National the train had later continued its journey to Perth. The mechanical failure was reported to Australian National train control ‘for the records.”


18. 30 June 1985. Between Ceduna and Balladonia.

Gary Clayton was driving between Ceduna and Balladonia when he saw a perfectly round white light in the sky through the passenger window. It followed his truck for several hours. It gradually went behind trees and disappeared. Gary said that when he arrived in Perth the local television stations had received film that was taken by a farmer in the general area of where he had seen the ball of light which followed him.

(Source: “Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research” magazine Number 30, February 1986 page 3.)


19. Pre 1986. Nullarbor Plain.

“When working on a road construction project on the Nullarbor Plain I had an unusual experience when working a night shift. I was driving a truck at about 3am when I saw to the right of me three bright lights very close to the ground. They were travelling at high speed very close together. They crossed the road in front of me and disappeared. I stopped where I believed they crossed the dirt road but I was unable to find any tracks which would have existed had they been a normal vehicle, especially as they was no road! Also my dog began barking and became upset when these lights appeared, otherwise I would have thought I had imagined them.” (D.L. Clovelly Park.)

(Source: “Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research” magazine, number 32, Aug 1986 page 19. Citing the “Adelaide Advertiser” newspaper, Wednesday 2 April 1986.)


20. 6 January 1988. Eucla, Western Australia.  2000hrs

A glowing object hovered for one minute. It then went over the horizon.  One witness. Total duration four minutes.

(Source: Good, Timothy. “The UFO Report 1990.)


21. 20 January 1988. Between Penong and Ceduna. 0240hrs

A man (resident of Burnie Tasmania) and his girlfriend were travelling along the Eyre Highway between Penong and Ceduna when he heard a loud thump come from above the vehicle. “At first I thought it was the gas bottle on top of the car, but there’s no way it could come off because it’s screwed down.”

He then saw a series of white flashing lights coming towards the earth over a fifteen minute period. The vehicle was simultaneously buffeted by near gale-force winds that shook parts of the roof and completely bent the aerial, but caused minimal damage. The wind lasted for about one hour and they were blown all over the road. “It frightened the living daylights out of me,” he said he woke his girlfriend up and continued driving, stopping only to refuel.

(Source: “Advocate” newspaper, Burnie, Tasmania. 25 January 1988.)


22. 20 January 1988. Near Mundrabilla, Western Australia.  0410hrs

The Knowles family, while driving their car between Perth and Melbourne, encountered a mysterious light approaching their vehicle along the road. They believed this object picked up their car and dropped it back onto the road. One car tyre burst. They travelled on to the Mundrabilla roadhouse where they spoke to two truck drivers who had also been on the same road at about that time. A forensic detective took a sample of dust off the roof of their car several hours after the event. Half this sample was analysed in the USA and found to be simply clay and salt particles. Another sample analysed via US researcher Richard Haines found that black dust on the vehicle was simply brake dust. 

(Source: Investigation by Ray Brooke, Keith Basterfield, Bill Chalker, Steve Bolton, Vladimir and Pony Godic.)


23. 5 February 1988. Mundrabilla, Western Australia.  Night 2mins

A bus driver reported seeing a light in the sky. There was also CB radio interference.

(Source: Good, Timothy. “The UFO Report” 1990.)


24. 17 October 1988. Near Mundrabilla, Western Australia.

“UFO flew beside bus, says driver. Perth. An upset bus driver has told police of being “buzzed” by a UFO in outback Western Australia. Pioneer Express driver Mr Peter Chapman said he and seven passengers saw a bright light flying alongside their bus on the Eyre Highway near Mundrabilla, about 100 kms from the South Australian border.

The sighting was close to where a Perth family claimed their car was picked up by a spaceship, carried down the road and dumped earlier this year. Seargent George Johansen of Eucla police said his friend Mr Chapman was at first reluctant to report the sighting, early on Monday morning.  “He was a bit upset about it – it was pretty hair-raising for him,” Seargent Johansen said “He also thought people would say he was a bit of a nut.”

But Seargent Johansen said he took seriously Mr Chapman’s report of a bright light with another one revolving around it, which he said appeared over an escarpment. “If he reported it, it would not be a hoax. He is not one of those people who makes things up,” Seven other people saw it.

Mr Chapman of Ceduna, said the light had come up behind the bus, then flown beside it about 50 metres away and about 100m off the ground.”

(Source: “The Canberra Times” newspaper. Thursday 20 October 1988 page 4.)


25. 9 September 1989. Nullarbor Plain and other locations. 2230hrs

Many reports were received of a nocturnal light. Mr Phillip Bott, of Quorn, SA, was on the Nullarbor Plain when he sighted an “incredible fireworks display”. Initially seen as a small orange light, it then became two or three lights and finally broke up into about twenty pieces altogether as it passed overhead. Reports also came from Port Augusta, Port Patterson, Stirling North, the Flinders Ranges, Whyalla, Freeling and Streaky Bay. Accounts were also noted from Merredin, and Bencubbin in WA. It seems to have been a piece of space debris re-entering.

(Source: UFOR(SA) UFORS89046. , “Adelaide Advertiser “11 September 1989, & West Australian 11 September 1989.)

9 September 1989 Nullarbor Station 2230hrs

On Saturday the 9th September 1989 at about 2230 hours Mr and Mrs Hennessy and their son Deanne were travelling westwards in a Commodore station wagon, heading home to Perth, Western Australia. They were at a point some 35km west of Nullarbor station. Mr Hennessy was driving. They first noted a cluster of about a dozen lights in the sky some 10-15 degrees above the north-western horizon. These lights were visible through the car windscreen to their right.

The lights approached the car. At first he thought it might be an aircraft, then that if it was it was going to crash. His wife said: “It s a UFO!” He stopped the car, left the engine running and got out to look at the object. He had a Minolta 7000 camera with him and he took a picture of the object. However, when he received the film back the neqative was completely blank.

The object passed by him seeming to parallel the road, and at its closest point, estimated as only 50-80 metres away, it passed through a point about 30 degrees above the northern horizon. It then moved quickly into the distance and-was lost to sight at a point some 10 degrees north-east.

He described the object initially as a large number of dull yellow coloured lights on what appeared to be a metallic shape which was visible between the lights. Basically it was a rectangular shape with the ratio of length/height about 5 or 6 to 1. Its angular length was judged to be about half a degree. The lights were bright in intensity but not so bright as to hurt their eyes. There was no noise associated with the object at all. There were no noticeable effects on the Commodore s engine, lights etc. and the three observers suffered no ill effects at all. The sky was clear at the time with stars visible.

(Source: Joan Johnston & Keith Basterfield.)

9 September 1989 Zanthus Western Australia 2100hrs

According to a report on ParaNet, sourced from the Melbourne Truth, the crew of a passenger train westbound for Kalgoorlie WA reported an unusual observation, which included smoke “blacking out passenger windows” and causing the train driver to cough. Driver Lou Beccarelli was interviewed by Keith Basterfield and stated he was driving the train 14km east of Zanthus WA at the time. He initially saw a pencil-shaped light in the western sky which appeared to come over the horizon and approach the train. It grew in size and appeared to be a series of lights with a white trail behind them. It passed to the north of the train. At closest approach it was visible as a line of six white lights with a white “smoke” trail behind it. It was completely silent. Lou had enough time to walk over to the right hand window of the driver s cabin, and roll down the window for a better view. He also had time to call on the two way radio to the guard. Lou lost the object to sight when it continued to travel eastwards behind him. The total duration according to Lou was about a minute but the white “smoke” hung in the sky for about 20 minutes altogether. Lou said that Greg, the guard, said it “just disappeared” i.e. did not go over the eastern horizon.

Lou radioed Rawlinna, some 180km to the east but no-one there saw it. Later he heard that it was seen from:

a. 80km north of Kalgoorlie, some 200km to the west of his position, and
b. At Merredin, some 550km west of Lou.

It was visible from all these locations at approximately 2100hrs, with the same visual description, and again no sound.

Lou was asked if the “smoke” made him cough or covered passenger windows as stated in the ParaNet item. He said this was completely untrue. There had been no interaction between the object and the train or crew.

If view of the data uncovered it would appear that the object was some distance away from the train, and high up. As in other reports of this nature, the indications are that it was a bright meteor entering the atmosphere.

 (Source: Keith Basterfield).


26. 1 January 1993. Madura, Western Australia.  2150hrs 30mins

Three nocturnal lights paced a car. Fast manoeuvres. One witness.

(Source: Hatch, Larry. *U* computer database,)


27. Jul 1995 Balladonia  WA  2000hrs  2wits CE1  (32:28, 123:52)

A light was noted by a man and his daughter as they were driving. As they approached they saw that the object had stopped at the side of the road. They drove past it at a distance of ten to twenty metres. It hovered just above the ground stirring up dust. The silent object had no effect on their vehicle. (Barry Taylor.)


28. 1998. Nullarbor Plain.

A woman recalled falling into a dissociative state. She suffered a sense of violation and began menstruating unexpectedly. Her other memory of that event was of a very bright light following and pacing the car.

(Source: http://www.strangedayz.co.uk 25 September 2007 item titled “UFOs on the Nullarbor Plain.)


29. 20-24 March 1999. Nullarbor Plain.

Reports of a UAP sighting on the Nullarbor Plain. “Apparently three stranded aliens and their 2km wide UFO had crash landed 160km north of Haig. A Sydney woman raised more than $50,000 from benefactors and proceeded to Kalgoorlie to go out in the desert and find the aliens. She was convinced they need help in the form of lifting gear, water and welding gear.”

(Source: UFO sightings on the Nullarbor. J Johansen. Investigator 66. May 1999.)

Similar details, plus the woman’s name was Margie Parker.

(Source: The “West Australian” newspaper, Saturday 20 March 1999.)


30. Pre 2004. Nullarbor Plain. 0300hrs 29mins 2 wits 1M 1F

“One of my good friends and his wife drove into Perth in the early hours of the morning after having been followed for 20 mins on the Nullarbor Plain…At about 3am they were a few hours from Perth when they noticed a small red light. Thinking it was an aircraft they didn’t take any notice. 5 mins later the light was over their car although it wasn’t very bright.

For the next 20 mins Gary travelled from between 80km/hr to 150, all the time the light kept perfect formation over the car. His wife apparently was really scared but a short time later the light winked out and that was that.

They got to Perth at around 7am and checked into the hotel. When they got out of the car the paint on the roof had been bubbled and some of the window rubbers had melted…”

(Source: Internet post  2 Sep 2004 “Friend has a ufo encounter Nullarbor Plain, Australia.” “Above Top Secret” website http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread77293/pg1)


31. February 2006. Near Eucla, Western Australia.

Two women were travelled by vehicle across the Eyre Highway. With them was a baby and two young boys. “The passenger entered into a peculiar, dissociative state, much of which she cannot recall…recalled being force backward onto her seat and inflammation in her vagina…” She began unexpectedly menstruating. “Another memory was of her friend screaming at something outside their stationary car. The friend claimed she could see blue-skinned men with small, peculiar looking noses…They came to from their dissociative state, to discover they were no longer travelling, but simply sitting in their vehicle at the side of the highway…”

(Source: http://www.strangedayz.co.uk 25 September 2007 item titled “UFOs on the Nullarbor Plain.)


32. Undated. Nullarbor Plain.

While travelling across the Nullarbor in a ute, their vehicle’s engine and lights suddenly cut out. They got out of the vehicle to find that their torch would not work. Above them they saw “…a large, silent, airborne object suspended an estimated 30-60m overhead. Red, green and yellow lights rotated around the flat underside.” Ten minutes later it slowly moved off then accelerated at speed and left. Right after it departed the ute’s lights came back on and they were able to start the engine.

(Source: http://www.strangedayz.co.uk 25 September 2007 item titled “UFOs on the Nullarbor Plain”.)



  1. Interesting...there surely comes a point when attention is paid to the vast amount of top top people in their fields,such as NSA/CIA/Military officials,top Scientists,Astronauts,Pilots,Canadian Minister of Defence,Medical surgeons such as Dr Roger Lear,etc.all make sworn statements and suchlike that state that there has been and is now,contact between beings not of this world and humankind...these people are not the local fool,seeing things but have knowledge that has never been released to the public...there is much secrecy afoot.

  2. Interesting indeed. My dad was actually a chef on the Idian Pacific that was travelling from WA to SA the night the Ooldae incident occurred. His train actually picked up the two train drivers involved & recalls a conversation with them. My dad said oh you're the guy who saw the UFO? They replied yeah but we can't talk about it. This was after they had told some other staff on the train about it all but apparently after that, before my dad spoke to them they had been told to be quiet & not speak about it. When they arrived at Pt Augusta there was a black car with men in suits waiting for them & took them away. So much secrecy. Would be interesting to find those drivers again & speak to them.

  3. Hi Anonymous 11 April

    I agree that it would be very useful to interview the two drivers. However I have not come across any sources which gives their names. Have you? If so or if you have further information I'd appreciate you contacting me on keithbasterfield@yahoo.com.au


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