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Valerie Ransone - an update

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Valerie Ransone was a 1970's contactee who featured in accounts by both former astronaut Gordon Cooper and ufologist Jacques Vallee. I previously posted a piece on this blog about Ransone, dated 22 January 2011.

This post provides an update on two additional pieces of Internet information which have been located since. The first was found by blog reader Mic who ascertained that ufologist Bruce Maccabee had encountered Ransone at one stage (although he recorded her name as Ranson.)

In the winter 1997-1998 issue of the International UFO Reporter, Maccabee published an article "You Don't Mess with Ashtar!" It concerned the concept of channelled information from elsewhere.

"Many years earlier I had gone to a public lecture by a lady, Valerie Ranson, who in the late 1970's was travelling through the USA trying to raise money for a project to usher in the new age of space brothers etc.

She was a trance channel and did channeling during the lecture. She talked about the ancient powers and Atlantis and destruction of the earth and saving souls etc. I was one of the lucky persons to get to ask a question to whoever it was she was channeling at the time (I forget the name.) I asked whether or not life in the universe had been "seeded" by "panspermia." She didn't recognise the word so I gave a brief explanation ...she mumbled and spluttered a bit and then made some comment to the effect that I shouldn't ask such incomprehensible questions and then went on to the next question. I, of course, didn't think it was incomprehensible and beside I figured the source of her information should "know everything." As far as I was concerned she flunked the "channel test."


I found the second item in the MUFON Journal, December 1980, page 20. In the "In Other Words" column by Lucius Farish there was the following:

"The October 7 issue of National Inquirer reports that a California-based group, the Interplanetary Network, claims that more than 1,500 people around the world have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings. Valerie Jean Ransone of the Network termed the contact "part of a precise program of communication" on the part of the aliens."


These two items add further details to those revealed in my original post.

Have any readers come across a reference to "The Interplanetary Network.?"

2016 update


  1. why do people dismiss psychic communication as if it should be a "know everything" situation? just because a being might have superior intelligence doesn't mean they know everything?
    (I, of course, didn't think it was incomprehensible and beside I figured the source of her information should "know everything.")

  2. Gordo Cooper writes extensively about Ransone in his 2002 autobiography. Cooper was a no bullshit kind of guy whose cred is impeccable and unimpeachable. If Cooper writes that she is the real deal than I'm inclined to believe it until proven otherwise. A guy like Cooper doesn't just associate with crazies since the cost to his professional cred would be too great. In the late 1970s, Cooper assiciated himself with Ransone's Advanced Technology Group. Cooper told a very specific instance involving Ransone identifying design flaws in the shuttle's cooling sytem. Cooper went to NASA and they verified and then corrected the flaw. In sum, Ransone is/was the real deal. From Cooper's view: NASA spent $60 million dollars on SETI seeking intelligent microwave communications. Was NASA simply on the wrong wave length. Cooper became a firm believer in psychic communucations after the shuttle incident.

  3. I am not competent to be in the league of commenters on extraterrestrial influence. With that disclaimer, I did once know a side of Valerie Ransone quite well.
    Valerie Jean Ransone. Born February 2, 1950. Aquarius in the Year of the Earth Buffalo. We met in Washington DC in 1979. I briefly met an advisor/counselor of hers whom I recall as Jill. Valerie was asked to go to the White House to converse with top presidential staff.
    In 1980, Valerie had moved to La Jolla, California. When I visited, she was almost single-handedly trying to launch The Information Network, a precursor to the internet, and limited to the cognoscenti interested in alien life.
    When Valerie came through DC in the mid 1980s, she told me she was living in Hawaii and was now "Lyra McGee."
    One time around her I made a casual reference to something and used the common phrase "point of no return." She immediately responded seriously but with humor, "my life is the point of no return."



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