Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A voice from the past

Hi all,

One of the intriguing Australian cases from the past, is the one which occurred in 1972 near Frankston, in Victoria, and involved Mrs Maureen Puddy.

In 2012, I wrote a series of blog posts detailing what both civilian UAP groups, and the RAAF, knew of the events ; click here, here and here to read these. They provide perhaps the best summary of our knowledge of the incidents.

Now, thanks to the estate of former VUFORS sightings officer, Bill Stapleton, I have acquired an original, short, reel to reel tape recording of an interview between Mrs Puddy and Bill Stapleton. I look forward to digesting its contents.


  1. This would be fascinating to listen to indeed. Sorry to hear it had to come via the estate of Bill Stapleton. He seemed to be a good researcher. Am I correct in recollecting that when Maureen Puddy moved from Victoria under another name that the locality she went to experience a bout of UFO activity?

  2. Thanks again for keeping us informed on the Maureen Puddy case, Keith. I recently came across Judith Magee's first-person account of the later 'adbuction' nr Moorooduc rail crossing in 'Flying Saucer Review', November, 1978.
    Am I correct in recalling that after her wheel-chair bound husband died, she remarried and left Victoria (as alternative to Bill Chalker's query above?)

  3. Hi Bill, I am unaware of that point.

    Hi anonymous, About ten years after the event I did hear from her, and yes she had moved from Victoria. Not sure about the remarriage. I do not know of anyone who ever reinterviewed her after the passage of some time. Would make an interesting exercise for someone to see if she is still alive and seek her views on those events from 1972.


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