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Ashtar Command - an Australian connection

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Over the years I have come across a number of individuals with stories to tell. The other day, for some reason, I thought about a man I interviewed several years ago in a northern suburb of Adelaide. After hearing his story he suddenly lapsed into what seemed to be a trance state and started receiving automatic writing communications from a source he said was the Ashtar Command. I hadn't previously known much about the Command.

However, I was in the State Library of South Australia the other day and found myself in the section which dealt with religions. I idly browsed the shelves with nothing particular in mind. A book edited by Christopher Patridge title "UFO Religions" published by Routledge, in 2003 in London caught my eye. Opening the book,  I noted that chapter eight was "From Extraterrestrials to Ultraterrestrials: The evolution of the concept of Ashtar," and included an Australian connection.


Contactee George Van tassel "...began to receive extraterrestrial messages via a telepathic connection which introduced to the UFO and metaphysical communities a being called Ashtar." (p.163.)

"...Ashtar spoke with a great deal of apocalyptic concern over the development and testing of the hydrogen bomb." (p.164.)

"By the mid 1950s Ashtar and the concept of a galactic law enforcement organisation preparing to rescue humanity had become well-established within UFO religious circles." (p.169.)

Interestingly, "Dozens of people were claiming contact with Ashtar (and therefore authority) and presenting conflicting messages." (p.170.)

For years, after this channelling Ashtar declined in popularity. "Indeed the entire concept of the Ashtar Command may have been lost had it not been for the work done by a charismatic channeller named Tuella (the pseudonym of Thelma B Terrill) in the 1970s and 1980s." (p.170.)

In addition, " Yvonne Cole, who had been channel;ling Ashtar since 1986, warned her followers that the destruction of the planet would occur in 1994." (p.173.)

World wide web:

With the arrival of the internet, "A great deal of effort was put into producing a single Ashtar world view." (p.173.)

"The Ashtar Command is a spiritual network of Lightbeings...Their role is also to assist us on a personal, spiritual level." (p.175.)

By 1994 some Ashtar Command members said "...they had been taken off Earth and placed aboard the 'ships of light' that were circling the planet." (pp175-176.) "...a core group of seven Ashtar Command members meeting in Australia began providing detailed accounts of their time aboard the ships." (p.176.)


In providing a summary, an author called Hellard is quotes as writing "The understanding of Ashtar as a flesh-and-blood extraterrestrial has now been replaced by an understanding of him as a spiritual being, even an Ascended Master." (p.177.)


A strange coincidence of thinking of an Adelaide man I interviewed years ago, and finding this chapter in a library book, has now given me a better understanding of the concept of the "Ashtar Command."

For more reading on the Ashtar Command (click here  and here. ) For an Australian connection (click here  and here.) 

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