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James Oke Shannon and the EWD notes - a new interview with Shannon


Oke Shannon's name came to prominence with the unveiling of the document titled "EWD notes", aka "The Wilson/Davis document" in mid 2019. In these notes, purportedly written by physcist Dr. Eric Davis, was a description of an alleged meeting, between Davis and the past immediate (1999-July 2002) Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director, Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson, on 16 October 2002, in Las Vegas, USA.

The short version of the story contained in the notes, is that Wilson had learnt that a reverse engineering project, involving alien spacecraft, was hidden within an unnamed, private US aerospace company. Wilson denied that the meeting happened, and denied the central thesis about this purported program. 

The EWD notes

Oke Shannon's name is mentioned a number of times in the EWD notes.

"TW: I received phone call from Oke Shannon in Fall (Aug?) '99. Big Oke Shannon fan! Go back years in navy before Oke left for LANL."

"TW: Oke talked 2 hours. Wanted to convince me to talk to me (EWD) about what he told Will Miller ca. June '97 and April '97."

"TW: Oke told all about JA (don't trust JA, a liar!)

- Oke briefed me on the whole BDM thing - talked about RV program for 10 min

- Oke said I (EWD) was a team player."

"TW: Told Oke it's a bad time...said Oke too difficult to contact anymore - heard he was in and out of hospital - extremely sensitive to stress/ heart sick - bad news - tried calling: Linda takes messages but none returned. She doesn't want much on Oke's plate for fear ...didn't say yes or no to request - I will think on it."

"TW: Gave serious thought - recalled Oke's call in '99. Oke really supported me (EWD) - had good arguments."

"TW: I'm taking risk talking to you - but trust Oke's word and it is good with me - we should meet Oke together - face to face - but present health problems prevent that - too bad! - So I'll take risk with you."

Billy Cox

In a 11 July 2019 article, US journalist Bill Cox advised that he had located, and spoken, to Oke Shannon. Cox wrote "Shannon wasn't keen on an extended conversation." "According to one abbreviated web profile, Shannon is a Navy veteran who graduated from the Naval Academy in 1966, returned to earn a masters in nuclear physics 10 years later, and was a program manager at Los Alamos National Laboratory from 1988-2000."

"On the other hand, Shannon said he avoids The Great Taboo because of all the 'crazies' and 'hoaxers' and the danger these associations can work on a career. The idea that some people regard whoever's driving the phenomena as "space brothers come to save us is nonsense." And the F-18 video, he said, are lame evidence for unearthly tech."

About the EWD notes

"I don't know the provenence of that purported document - I don't know whether its real or not real," Shannon said. "Let's just leave it at the fact that I do know both of these gentlemen. Tom Wilson is an honorable man. And if this has embarrased Tom Wilson, I am really sorry." "

Billy Cox again

In another article, this one dated 10 August 2021, Cox advised that he had recently spoken to both Shannon and Wilson. "When contacted over the weekend about Wilson's confirmation that Wilson didn't know Oke Shannon, from well, Eric Davis, Shannon chose his words carefully. "I won't contradict anything the Admiral said," he responded from his home in Florida. "I really have no comment on the whole thing"...This time around, I asked Shannon if it was possible that he'd never met Admiral Wilson at all. Shannon preceded his pause with a chuckle,

 "Uhh. You know, you've heard the term 'no comment' many, many times in your reporting career." True enough. But I addded, you had no reason to fabricate your statement two years ago, and I just wanted to make sure I hadn't misquoted you. "Um. I know Admiral Wilson," he replied. "Or I did know him. I've been out of that world for, oh my gosh, two decades plus, so that's a past tense. I knew him." "

Further information

Shannon's LinkedIn page states that the attended the US Naval Academy between 1962-1966 where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Naval Engineering. Between 1973-1976 he attended the United States Naval Postgraduate School where he obtained a Masters in Nuclear Engineering.

Career wise. Between July 1988 and February 2000, he was at the Las Alamos National Laboratory TA-33 LANL Los Alamos, New Mexico  where he was Deputy Group Leader and Program Manager for Special Technologies (Retired.) Then between June 2002 to the present, he was a Managing Partner at Stryder LLC.

2022- Jay Anderson

Jay of Project Unity, recently, recorded and published an on-line interview between himself and Oke Shannon. The following is a transcription of the part of that interview which refers to the EDW notes. Thanks must go to Jay for his ongoing efforts to document the validity of these notes.

"JA: I would not expect you to be able to confirm the legitimacy of the transcript itself or whether the meeting actually took place, because the alleged meeting has nothing to do with you in a direct sense. However, your name is mentioned in these documents and so for the sake of clarification, I think it's important that we just get your side of this, on the record. So, I would just like to be able to ask you first of all, whether or not, you personally know Dr. Eric W. Davis?

OS: Yes. I didn't work with him day in and day out, but I did work with him, and I know him fairly well.

JA: May I ask how you first got to know him?

OS: In mutual projects. Mutual acquaintances. Meetings, things of that sort.

JA: And do you personally know Admiral Thomas R. Wilson?

OS: Yes, I do. But again, I know him; fortunately know of him. But I read somewhere that his response was "Oke, Who?" And, I thought that was kinda funny.  As I mentioned to you, I consider myself eminently forgetable. So, I'm sure that my memory of him is stronger than his memory of me; because he became a flag officer and I was off and did weird things on top of a mesa in New Mexico. So, and so, I would expect that he would not remember me as well as I remember him.

JA: Did Admiral Wilson get in contact with you in 2001 or 2002 enquiring into the background and overall trustworthyness of Dr. Eric Davis?

OS: Earlier than that.

JA: Earlier than that, my apologies.

OS: Well, we moved to Florida in 2000 and Linda is listening in the background, so if she can yell at me and tell me if I'm, wrong... 2001? 2001. I'd had an heart attack and actually died on the operating table, and had my own out of body experience by the way, ... but I was eventually forced to retire medically, because I could not get back in the saddle, even remote work; and I was at home; several complications out of that experience; out of that problem, kept recurring over the months. That was, like in May of 99 honey? 

LS: May 1999.

OS: May of 99. Throughout the summer I was having these other problems, cropping up for that; so I was at home. I was actually writing; trying to write a novel about the destruction of the twin towers and this was in 1999, and I had to trash that when it actually happened... But, I got this phone call; and it was from Admiral Wilson. He asked me; now this was not a short conversation, you know, I was recuperating. I was able to carry on this conversation on the phone, but I wasn't able to do much else at that point. And we had a discussion, and one of the things he wanted to know was; could he trust Eric Davis? And, I think he might have even mentioned Hal Puthoff, and one or two other people. And I mentioned that, yes I believed that Eric Davis was an honourable and conscientious scientist and that he would honor any restrictions the Admiral might put on him, and I thought it would be safe for him to contact him.

JA: Did he say at all, why he was seeking that background information during your conversation?

OS: No. He really didn't.

JA: No, but you did...

OS: Now to my memory. Not to my memory. I do not recall. I think I would recall that, if he'd said I wish to check on the Little Green Men; I would. ah, OK...

JA: He did call you up. He did ask about Eric Davis. And you did subsequently vouch for Dr. Eric Davis in response to his...

OS: [Indecipherable]

JA: ...Just one last question on these notes and to be fair you have already glossed over this, but I just want to get kind of, get it in a confirmatory statement. So in these notes that were recovered from Dr Edgar Mitchell's's mentioned within the transcript of that conversation, that you were difficult to get in touch with at the time because you were in poor health due to heart conditions and were not easy to get hold of. So, this is actually; this is true you were in of itself, that you were struggling with that?

OS: Yes. I was difficult to get in touch, and I might add to that I'm still difficult to get in touch with...."

An aside

One of the alleged participants in John Alexander's Advanced Theoretical Physics UAP study program in the 1980's, was Oke Shannon. 

My comments

1. So, in Oke's latest interview we learn that it was Admiral Wilson who called him to, amongst other things, discuss Eric Davis. This was almost three and a half years before the alleged meeting between the Admiral and Dr. Davis.

2. So, does this tell us anything about whether or not the meeting actually occurred? No. Does it tell us whether or not the EWD notes are a genuine record of the contents of such a meeting, if it indeed it occurred. No. However, it does increased the pressure on both Wilson and Davis, because the details regarding Oke Shannon, which are in the notes; have been confirmed as correct, by Shannon himself.

3. These matters are ultimately, unresolvable, unless either Dr. Davis, or Admiral Wilson, or both, come out and state that the meeting really did occur and that these notes are an accurate reconstruction of what was discussed. Of coures, there is always the remote possibility that members of the alleged involved aerospace company will come forward.

4. In May 1999, Dr. Davis was employed by the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). Jaques Vallee, in his Forbidden Science series of books was recording in his diary, things to do with NIDS. I checked his 1999 diary entries for any indication of what projects Dr. Davis was involved with during that year, for NIDS. I found nothing. 

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Upcoming French UAP Symposium

International studies

I have tried to keep across international studies, which explore the topic of UAP. In this blog, I have frequently reported on the activities of the French aerospace community's 3AF Sigma 2 Technical Commission on UAP. I recently, came across details of yet another upcoming French sponsored sysmposium and thought it worth sharing.

Presented by, and hosts

The international research symposium on unidentified aerospace phenomenon (PAN) will take place between 10am and 8pm on 16 October 2022, by videoconference. It is presented by Vertical Project Media, and hosted by Marie-France-Barrault, an aerospace engineer; Jean-Pierre Troadec, a member of IHEDN and Nagib Kary, Co-founder of Vertical Project Media.


1000-1100hrs "UFOs and OANIs [Objects Aquatiques non-identifies] in the marine enviroment."

Alexandre Sheldon-Duplaix. A French naval historian who graduated from the Institut d'etudes Politiques des Paris. He was a researcher at the Service Historique de la Defence (viocennes) between 1989 and a teacher at the Military School. He worked at the Department of Defence between 1987 and 1999. Has written three books on submarines and aircraft carriers.

1100-1200hrs "Statistics on PAN observations."

Michael Valiant. Independent consultant/creator of the company Meta-Connexions. A graduate of Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, he is an independent computer consultant; and an expert in statistics.

1200-1300hrs. "Disturbing cases of Sigma 2 in France and around the world."

Luc Dini. Aeronautical construction engineer. Emeritus member of 3AF, and Chairman of the Sigma 2 Technical Commission on PANs.

1430-1500hrs. "The opinion of an astronaut on the question of UAPs."

Jean-Francois Clervoy. French astronaut/engineer, at the European Space Agency. Veteran of three space missions with NASA.

1500-1600hrs. "UAP Technology Assumption."

Philippe Guillemand. Physicist/Engineer at CNRS. Graduated from the Ecole Centrale a Paris and the Globe Institute of Physics. He is a doctor of radiation physics. 

1615-1645hrs "What signs of extraterrestrial life?"

Avi Loeb. Faced with the appearance of an unidentified celestial object named Oumuamu, Avi Loeb opens a scientific controversy by stating that it could be an artificial object designed by a civilisation outside the Earth. Currently Professor of Astronomy, Director of the Institute for Theory and Computation at Harvard University. Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2012.

1700-1800hrs "Technological debris."

Jacques Vallee. Founder of Documentica Financial in Silicon Valley, a French-American scientist with training in astrophysics and AI. His research contributed to the creation of the first "social network" on the Internet as main investigator for DARPA. Co-founder of five international capital venture funds, including NASA's Red Planet Capital. His interest in the UFO phenomena and psychic research has led to a series of books and technical articles in several languages. He is the architect of the CAPELLA knowledge base, including 260,000 UFO observation reports for the AATIP classified project, revealed in 2021.

1800-2000hrs Roundtable.

Moderated by Jean-Pierre Troadec. Speakers will be: Alain Juliett (Senior Economic intelligence Officer) ; Alexandre Sheldon-Duplaix; Michael Valiant; Vincent Costes (Director of GEIPAN) and others. 

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Australian investigative journalist Ross Coulthart interviews Dr. Garry P. Nolan


Dr. Garry P Nolan has given a range of interviews over the last few years., concerning the topic of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. I have written about a number of these. Back in 2016, he was interviewed by journalist Annie Jacobsen, for her book "Phenomena" about his work with Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green.  In a June 2021 blog article, I presented details of three interviews with Garry Nolan. In February 2022 Garry Nolan was interviewed about his analysis of UAP related materials. He has also appeared, in more recent times, on a number of UAP related podcasts, providing his views on the phenomena.

Need to Know

In an 24 August 2022 episode of the podcast "Need to Know" with Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel, produced in conjunction with the Channel 7 television network in Australia, Garry Nolan was interviewed by Ross Coulthart. The following is a transcript of most of that conversation.

Ross: Professor, how significant is it that the United States government came out, a year ago, and admitted that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are real. Whatever they are; they're a real mystery?

Garry: I think it tells us that, first of all, the government has been lying to us for the last 60 or 70 years. I think it gives solace to people who have been told that they were crazy to have been believing or seeing this...

Ross: I know this is speculative, but why do you think the US government's lied?

Garry: I think it's because, frankly, they didn't understand what it was, and no body wanted to admit that; first of all. But second that they didn't want to admit that they didn't have control over our airspace. We didn't have control over our own airspace.

Ross: So the government's been lying, but do you think there's been a coverup?

Garry: Absolutely. I mean there's been both a coverup, as well as a disinformation compaign to make people look like they were crazy.

Ross: ...Is it a dangerous thing for you to admit that you think these things about the phenomena?

Garry: I think its dangerously necessary. I think that this is the kind of thing that if we continue to ignore it; if we continue to ignore the potential danger of what it might represent, we are putting ourselves at risk, both to what it might do to us sometime in the future, but then ignoring the physics of what these things are capable of doing.

Ross: Let's talk about "it." What is "it?"

Garry: You know, I wish I knew, and of all the people that I've spoken with on the inside, there's really very little unanimity about what it is; except for, that there, whatever it is, appears to be so far advanced from us, that it beggars understanding.

Ross: So, you don't think its human?

Garry: I'm sure its not human.

Ross: Is it intelligent?

Garry: Yes. It certainly acts it. And in some cases, it seems to have a sense of humor.

Ross: ...You are suggesting there is a highly advanced civilisation, that is intelligent, and it's not human, and its real?

Garry: Yeh. I almost hesitate even to call it a civilisation. A civilisation implies a lot of interacting parts that are moving towards some sort of goal. I couldn't even say whether or not, what it is  that is being observed is something like that.

The Wilson/ Davis notes

Ross: Are you aware of a document called the Admiral Wilson document?

Garry: Yes.

Ross: Do you think its genuine?

Garry: Yes.

Ross: Wow!

Garry: I mean, I know Eric Davis, and you know, Eric is of a kind of character that is just impossible for him to lie.

Ross: The significance of that document is that the former immediate past director of the Defence Intelligence Agency Admiral Thomas Wilson, allegedly had a conversation with Dr Eric Davis, a renowned physicist, where he imparted his discovery that there was a secret UFO reverse engineering program going on inside the US government, where they were hiding recovered spacecaft, and it was being hidden in private aerospace, in a private aerospace corporation. The journalist in me, Garry, thinks Americans can't keep secrets, everything leaks in this country.

Garry: And this is an example of it.

Ross: Ok. So, you take that point. 

Garry: Yeah. 

Ross: Ultimately it did leak.

Garry: Ultimately, it leaked. But what was interesting, was how it was found. It was found in Edgar Mitchell's effects after he died. So, it wasn't like anybody went out of their way to put it out there.

Ross: Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell?

Garry: Right. Eric Davis had written it, and I don't know what the story was as to how Edgar, Dr Mitchell got hold of it, but nobody was looking to actively reveal this. It was the work of journalists who finally got hold of Edgar's materials who decided to release it.

Why would Eric Davis lie about writing something that he never intended to go public in the first place. He was just doing what an intelligent agent does on a regular basis, which is write reports on what it is they have been doing.

Ross: And Eric, quite conspicuously has never made any comment one way or the other about the veracity of the document.

Garry: Right. Well.

Ross: He can't; can he?

Garry: He can't; but well before this came to light I already knew of the document. So, because, you know, Eric was part of a group that I was associated with, around this.

Ross: The implications of that are mind blowing, Garry. This conversation; you told me that you believe, on evidence, that there is a non-human intelligence of advanced technology, on this planet?

Garry: Right. Advanced capabilities.Now, I don't know whether it is a technology per se. Because I'm leaving open the idea that it's some form of  consciousness that is non material. And I will say to my colleagues, out there, I know that all this sounds absolutely crazy, but if you've seen the things that I've seen, you would only be able to come to a similar conclusion. You know, and I know again my reputation takes a hit I'm sure, that there are, you know, prizes and other things that I'm never going to get because I'm talking about this. That's now where near as important as this subject matter to me. 

Some of Garry's personal experiences

Garry then spoke of a number of personal experiences:

1. Windsor, Connecticut. Around 1972/73. [Garry was born in 1961.] Around 5.30 am he was delivering newspaper in the dark. He walked through a copse of trees and became aware of a round object above him, with 4-5 lights shining down.

2. Windsor, Connecticut. 1967-1968. Woke up in his bedroom Saw little men in the room. Went on for a few weeks then stopped. Could have been a dream.

3. London. In a hotel, woke up in bed with his entire body "buzzing." Could hear that sound. At the pomt of waking up he heard words, though words is not the right term. He heard "This is how you connect."After 10-15 seconds, he thought to himself this has to stop and it did. He didn't think it had a physiological cause. 

Some comments

1. Statements by Garry Nolan have been becoming more definitive as time goes by. He has placed his professional reputation on the line by making the kind of statements which you have just read above. 

2. Although it has been a loosely kept "secret" for some time; Garry Nolan has now chosen to publicly describe some of his own personal experiences with the phenomena.

3. His comments re the Wilson/Davis document are certainly illuminating. He has no doubt that the document is genuine, i.e. that it is a true record of a meeting between Eric Davis and then Admiral Thomas Wilson. He states that he knew of the existence of the document before it hit the Internet. Click here to read the original document for yourself.

4. All in all, a revelatory interview. 

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"The truth is out there" - Australian Department of Defence internal email - 13 May 2022


A further batch of UAP related Australian Department of Defence (DOD) emails has been provided to Melbourne researcher Grant Lavac, per DOD Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request number 003/22/23. 

Grant's request was:

"I kindly request a copy of all emails and supporting file attachments to/from/bcc'd/cc'd Gene Elliott, Flight Lieutenant, Staff Officer to Director Air Defence and Space (DGADS-AF), Staff Officer to Director General Space Domain Review (DGSDR) for the period 27 October 2021 to 30 June 2022 (inclusive) that contain any of the following keywords; Unidentified Aerial Phenomena; UAP; Unidentified Flying Object; UFO; Unidentified Flying Objects; UFOs; Unauthorised Aircraft Movement; UAM; Unauthorised Aircraft Movements; UAMs; Unusual Aerial Sightings; Unidentified Phenomena; unusual air traffic; Whish-Wilson. I also kindly request personal details be limited to the full names of individuals included in any applicable FOI response."

67 pages of responsive documents were released. Many of these papers concern various Senate Estimate Committee hearings, which have been covered in previous blog posts. Therefore, in this post, I will report only on what I consider to be new material.

Selected emails

1. Email dated 28 October 2021 From [redacted] To [ ] cc [ ]

Subject: 211028 - e-mail [ ] many - 21-1441 - ABC News - Report to US Congress of UAPs (fBP2974990)


Here is the list of all UAP/UFO recent submissions





The response has been consistent across all returns.

The Department of Defence has no protocol for reporting or recording of UAP/UFOs."


MC stands for Ministerial Correspondence.

2. Email dated 5 November 2021 3:25PM From [ ] To [ ]

Subject: FW: For Action - Question on Notice - UFO/UAPs - RAAF

"Good afternoon [ ]

Army's response to QON..."

Email dated 5 November 2021 3:35:29PM From [ ] To [ ]

Subject: 21105-e-mail [ ]  - For Action - Question on notice - UFO/UAPs - RAAF

"They don't exist!"

Signature panel was [ ] Ministerial Liason Officer.

3. Email dated 17 February 2022 9:47:00AM From [ ] To [ ] CC [ ]

Subject: 220217 - e-mail [ ] Many - Emailing: Preliminary Assessment - UAP - 20210625


FYSA in case UAP comes up at estimates and we need a fast answer on something - this is the US Report that gets referred to all the time."


This is the 25 June 2021 Office of the Director of National Intelligence "Preliminary Assessment - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" report.

4. Email dated 28 February 2022 From [ ] on behalf of RAAF MILO To [ ]

Subject: 22028.1048 - E-mail [ ]/Multiple recipients - Senate Estimates - Question on notice (SQ22-000026)

Speaks about one Senate estimates Committe hearing  Question On Notice  from Senator Whish-Wilson. "The QON is from Senator Whish-Wilson regarding UFOs/UAPs; though has a greater focus on safety/reporting over space issues. As the responsibility of UFOs/UAPs is still a bit fuzzy; I am doing a little bit of a wide spread approach for general awareness..."


This appears to indicate that there is still no central place with complete responsibility regarding this topic.

5. Email dated 16 March 2022 From [ ]  To [ ] cc (multiple-KB)

Subject: 220316.0811- e-mail - [ ]/multiple recipients - RAAF Senate Estimates - April 2022 -16 March 2022 update

Discusses mock up pre-Senate Estimate Committee hearings where various DOD personnel pose questions and provide appropriate responses - one of the subjects is UFOs.

6. Email dated 22 April 2022 12:10PM From [ ] To [ ] CC RAAF FOI

Subject: FOIA 408/21/22 - Request for TPs

Please provide TP's

FOI Manager


Presumably, TPs stands for talking points. 

Email dated 22 April 2022 2:04PM From [ ]  To [ ]

Subject: FW:FOIA 408/21/22 - Request for TPs

"[ ] As discussed here are the TPs drafted ISO to the FOI request. AFHQ FOI Officer has gathered the date for the FOI paper (Binder 1 attached), our input is to provide TPs for MINDEF in the event this becomes a media sensitive issue - [ ] had previously had the hammer on this as DGSDR - but his direction is to transition this to Strat Plans - if we can't push further intentions of to Air Force or DASA."


Not sure what ISO is short for; but MINDEF is Minister of Defence. FOIA 408/21/22 was someone asking for the DOD's response to Senator Whish-Wilson's request Estimates hearings QON 29 and 90; where Senator Whish-Wilson followed up on his questioning of then, Chief of Air Mel Hupfield. The DOD was concerned that the Minister of Defence be briefed on Whish-Wilson's questions; in case the Minister was asked questions by the media. 

Email dated 26 April 2022 4PM From [ ] To [ ] CC [ ]

Subject: 220426 - e-mail -[ ] FOI 408/21/22 Request for TPs.

"TPs being provided to departmental vice ministerial due to careftaker government."

7. Email dated 13 May 2022 From [ ] To [ ]

"Subject: re - UAPs

I do know MECC/RAAF have prepared lines for UAP, be there any attention. Would you like me to pull these for you?"


MECC is short for Minsterial & Executive Coordination and Communications Division, DOD. 

Email dated 13 May 2022 From [ ] To [ ]

Subject: 220513 - e-mail - [ ]/Many - UAPs

"[ ]  - no need, I drafted all the UAP points for MECC/RAAF."

8. Email dated 13 May 2022 7:03AM From [ ] To [ ]

"[ ] wrote

Sir, All jokes aside, I think this might end up causing us some work.

This article calls out AUKUS directly regarding a more collaborative approach to this:

Email dated 13 May 2022 7:39AM From [ ] To [ ]

Subject: Re: UAPs

"[ ] you're right, it may trigger more UFO flavoured interest. The truth is out there, I'll just need to determine if interest in this sci-fi is a HAC or CDSpC lead."


HAC Is Head Air Force Capability. CDSpC is Commander Space Command.

Email dated 13 May 2022 7:49AM From [ ]  To [ ]

Subject: Re: UAPs

"Sir, ack. I know historically we have aimed to push the response off to Air Force, specifically DASA if the main theme of questioning is about aircraft/flight safety. Similarly we could aim to push the response to the Intelligence Community/Air Force if the main theme is national security/advanced technologies/control of the air.

The name is Unidentified Aerial Phenomena after all and the USSF isn't the lead agency in this [ ]"


USSF is short for United States Space Force.

9. Email dated 19 May 2022 7:19AM

Subject: 220519 e-mail -ABC News - US Congress holds first hrearing on UFOs in decades.

"Wait for it, wait for it...

US Congress holds first hearings on  UFOs in decades..."

10. Email dated 23 June 2021 From [ ]  To Various addressees

Subject: FOR RAAF ACTION -Priority 2 media query - 21-1441-ABC News - Report US Congress on UAPs

"Space Domain, Hi Sir and team,

As discussed would appreciate a draft response to subj ME - see q's from Matthew Eaton, ABC News below..."

What is all this FOIA material telling us about the DOD's interest in UAP?

It is simply reinforcing the view that the topic of UAP is of no interest to the DOD. However, as the DOD have no mechanism for the gathering of UAP reports from service personnel, they do not know whether or not there is a safety or national security issue.

Recent ABC Stories on UAP

25 June 2021 "US report on Pentagon-documented UFOs leaves sightings unexplained.

27 Oct 2021 "Defence won't follow Pentagon to launch an investigation into UFO sightings or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena." 

DOD FOIA Disclosure log

There are now the following (more to come) UAP relevant entries on the official DOD FOIA Dislosure log

16 June 2022 - 408/21/22 Portfolio q's 29 & 90 -UFOs.

30 June 2022  - 425/21/22 Space Based Infra Red System and Australian Mission Processor.

1 July 2022 - 459/21/22 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects.

20 July 2022 - 002/22/23 Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), Unauthorised Aircraft Movement (UAM) correspondence.

1 August 2022 010/22/23 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Brief.

1 Sept 2022 013/22/23 Standard Operating Procedure 1 Remote Sensing Unit.  

Please click on any of the links above to view the relevant documents. You are encouraged to have a read, to see if you can pick up any further points of interest. 

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Further Australian Department of Defence emails re UAP

 "Near Sputnik moment"

A while ago, Australian UAP researcher Grant Lavac submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Australian Department of Defence (FOIA DOD 459/22/23.) This uncovered a multi-page DOD briefing paper re UAP, for personnel attending 2022 Senate Estimates committee hearings, in case questions were asked about UAP. In the briefing paper documentation, one individual identified as the "Contact Officer" was Air Cdre Nick Hogan, Director General, Space Strategic Plans. Grant Lavac submitted an FOIA request to the DOD (FOI 046/22/23) for emails to/from Nick Hogan.

Grant's request was:

"I kindly request a copy of all emails and supporting file attachments, sent to/from, bccd, ccd, Air Commodore Nicholas Hogan, Director General, Space Domain Review, Air Force, for the period 27 October 2021 to 2 August 2022 (inclusive) that contain any of the following keywords, Unidentifed Aerial Phenomena; UAP; UAPs; Unidentified Flying Object; UFO; Unidentified Flying Objects; UFOs; Unathorised Aircraft Movement; UAM; Unauthorised Aircraft Movements; UAMs; Unusual Aerial Sightings; Unidentified Phenomena; Unexplained Aerial Phenomena; Unidentified; Unexplained; unusual air trtaffic. I also kindly request that personal details be limited to the full names of individuals involved in any applicable FOI response."

Documents released under Defence FOI 046/22/23

Six responsive documents were released, either in full or in part.

1.  27 October 2021

An email from N. Hogan to [redacted] the subject was "Email-ABC News - Report to US Congresss of UAPs."

"For HAC's review before going through the QON process. I would add, UAP/UFO sightings occur in civil airspace and Air Services Australia are responsible for civil airspace reporting."


1. HAC is short for Head, Airforce Capability. In October 2021 this was Air Vice Marshal Denney. 

2. QON is short for Question on Notice where Parliamentarians submit a formal question in writing to the Department.

3. Earlier this year I submitted an FOIA request to Air Services Australia re UAP sightings. They estimated that the cost of processing my request would be about $500. I did not proceed with the request.

2. 28 October 2021

Email from Hogan to [redacted] Subject: "Email - ABC News: Defence won't follow Pentagon to launch an investigation into UFO sightings or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena."

"Good morning gentlemen,

Further to SE where CAF fielded a question UAPs/UFOs this article "Defence won't follow Pentagon to launch an investigation into UFO sightings or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" was in the ABC news this morning. The article title is slightly different to what is implied on the lead in link extract below from ABC News.

Given that Defence has nothing on UAPs/UFOs, we will refer to the information related to the 04 June 21 ABC News article, the above article, work with Navy and Army etc and the subsequent extracts cleared by you 23 Jun or added yesterday:

* UAP/UFO sightings occur in civil airspace and Air Services Australia are responsible for civil airspace reporting

* Army has no method for reporting and Navy uses the Aviation Safety Occurrence (ASOR) reporting methodology. No reported UFO todate

* Is there a similar move to gather information within Australia's Department of Defence? Defence does not have a protocol that covers recording or reporting of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)/Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings

* Will you be taking an interest in the declassified report when it is eventually made public? No. There is no departmental interest

* Is this topic under active investigation by any arm of the Australian Defence Force? No: Defence does not have a protocol that covers recording or reporting of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP/Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings

* Given many of the sightings of Unidentified Phenomena involve US Naval activity, have any similar sightings been reporteed by Australian Navy personnel? No: Any individual sightings/anomalies are investigated and reported through the standard Aviation Safety Reporting (ASR) process"


1. SE means Senate Estimates.

2. CAF is short for Chief of Air Force who was Mel Hupfield at that stage. 

3. 29 October 2021

Email from [ ] To [ ] Subject: "Near Sputnik moment.'

Consists of the words "And UAPs.." and the rest of the page is redacted entirely. 


The subject of the email is "Near Sputnik moment" but there is no available context for why these words were used.

4. 28 January 2022

Not an email but a page headed SPACE, then an area redacted, then:

* UAPs/UFOs are increasingly being discussed in the media, how much of a threat do they pose to national security?


* UAPs/UFOs are increasingly being discussed in the media, how much of a threat do they pose to national security?

* If Defence member sees a UAP while flying/training etc how do they report that?

* When did the formal reporting of UAP stop, why?

* Do you see the need to create a task force like the United States to track and investigate these potential UAP threats?

* Are UAP a risk to our RAAF pilots or civilian aircraft?

* Are UAP super advanced weapons from other nations?

* Should we be doing more to take this seriously?

* Does Australia collaborate or share information on UAP with other nations, like our allies?


The above dot points appear to be a self posed set of questions about UAP that the DOD consider might be asked at future Senate Estimates committee hearings.

5. 10 February 2022

Email from  Hogan to [ ]

"One amendment highlighted."

Email from  staff officer to Hogan

"Hi Sir, Please find SB on UAP as discussed."

6. Undated.

"CAF Pre-briefing Questions - session 3.1

Space and domain & policy [ ] 

* UAPs/UFOs are increasingly being discussed in the media, how much of a threat do they pose to national security?

General comment

The FOIA request date range was between 27 October 2021 and 2 August 20222. The DOD response contains nothing dated later than 10 February 2022, which appears to indicate that Hogan was only involved in making UAP comments regarding the Senate Estimates committee and for no other reason. 

Grant Lavac and DOD FOIA 044/22/23 - Denney

Grant submitted another FOIA request:

"I kindly request a copy of all emails and corresponding file attachments, sent to/from bccd/ccd R J Denney, AM, Air Vice-Marshal Head of Air Force Capability for the period 27 October 2021 to 26 July 2022 (inclusive), that contain any of the following any of the following keywords: Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAP, Unidentified Flying Object, UFO, Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs, Unauthorised Aircraft Movement, UAM, Unauthorised Aircraft Movements, UAMs, Unusual Aerial Sightings, Unidentified Phenomena. I also kindly request that personal details be limited to the full names of individuals involved in any applicable FOI response."

The DOD response identified 14 responsive documents consisting of 15 pages which were released fully or partially. Rather than elucidate all of these in full, I will summarise them below:

1. In June 2022, Grant Lavac communicated with the Office of the Minister for Defence, and R J Denney replied on behalf of the Minister. Some of the 044/22/23 FOIA papers show the internal paperwork trail for the Ministerial response. 

2. Likewise, other documents are internal working papers for the Departmental reply to Senator Whish-Wilson who asked UAP related questions at the 27 October 2021 Senate Estimates Committee hearing.

3. Document 5 is an internal spreadsheet labelled "Forcast: June 2022 to August 2022" which is heavily redacted. However it has one area labelled "Information release." This shows two entries, (1) 30 May: Individual - Unauthorised Aircraft Movements and (2) 14 June: Activist-Keywords UFO (RAAF.) This appears to relate to FOIA requests made by myself (UAM) and Grant (UFO.)

4. An email, dated 15 February 2022 subject Pre brief  Senate Estimates. From [ ]  To [ ]

"Sir, FYSA, CH9 program Under investigation doing a program on UAP 2100 Wednesday night."


Someone in the DOD was keeping an eye on media items regarding UAP. 


These two sets of documents provide additional information regarding internal DOD processes around the topic of UAP. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Another Australian Freedom of Information request re UAP: Defence 052/22/23

 FOIA requestors

A small number of Australian individuals, including Paul Dean and Grant Lavac in Melbourne, and myself in Adelaide, have been utilising the Australian Freedom of Information Act, (FOIA) to explore the extent, if any, to which Australian government departments and agencies, are engaged with the topic of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" (UAP.) 

FOIA UAP responses from the Australian Department of Defence have been mainly negative, getting a "no responsive documents" answer. With the exception being the discovery of a Department of Defence Chief of Air briefing paper for Departmental personnel attending Senate Estimates Committee hearings, due to one of Grant's requests.

A new FOIA request

It is therefore, of interest that other Australian UAP researchers are submitting their own FOIA requests to the Australian goverment. Below, are details of one such request, and response from the Department of Defence. The individual who submitted the request wishes to remain anonymous, although I know their identity. They requested:

"...all official briefing slides, PowerPoints, images, footage, documents, reports, emails and letters from between the dates of of 1st January 2016 to 30th July 2022, that were exchanged between employees within the appropriate agency of the Australian Defence Force who is legally and/or contractually obligated to perform the function for government of undertaking:

The analysis of all or any data types derived from and associated with:

(i) the tracking of; and

(ii) the locating of; and

(iii) the coordination of the recovery of material debris associated with:

"Unidentified Aerospace-undersea Phenomena," "UAP," "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena," and/or "Unidentified Flying Objects."


all official briefing slides, PowerPoints, images, footage, documents, reports, emails and letters that were sent to and/or received from, any employees of the Australian Defence Force in liaison with the appropriate agency within government who function as the overseeing department(s) and/or program(s) and who is legally and/or contractually obligated, including private contractors, both foreign and domestic, to perform the function of government for the undertaking of:

(i) the analysis of all or any data types derived from and associated with:

(ii) the tracking of, and

(iii) the locating of, and

(iv) the coordination of the recovery of material debris associated with "Unidentified Aerospace-undersea Phenomena," "UAP," "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena," "UFO," and/or "Unidentified Flying Objects"

in which said briefing slides, PowerPoints, images, footage, reports, emails and letters are only associated with, pertain to, and/or specifically mention

(i) DOD policy on reporting;

(ii) *significant events/discussions" and

(iii) all case studies with official DOD oversight regarding: "Unidentified Aerospace-undersea Phenomena," "UAP," "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena," and/or "Unidentified Flying Objects."

* By UAP, this request refers to nothing other than Australian Defence Force official terminology for "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" the meaning of such term is outlined in Section 1683(1) of the US National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2022 (50 USC 3373(1) and is referred to below, in two separate declarations of a cognizance of UAP by RAAF personnel:

(1) RAAF Chief of Air Marshal Mel Hupfield, with the following comment "through professional curiosity I did look at some of the videos (referring to videos of UAP filmed by US Navy pilots and released to the public via The New York Times in 2017, to Senator Peter Whish-Wilson during Senate questioning.

(2) R J Denney, Air Vice-Marshal Head of Air Force Capability, in his published comment contained within his response to Mr Grant Lavac which are here quoted "Concerning Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP); "the topic of UAP or UFO;" and "The United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena."

*By "significant events/discussisons," I refer to nothing other than the "significant events/discussions" referred to by DOD in the official CAF brief content page, titled "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" within Defence FOI 459/22/23 Item 1, document 1."

The DOD response

I extract the relevant portions of the DOD response letter.

"3. I identified no document as matching the description of the request."

"5. In making my decision, I had regard to...

d. advice received from Navy, Joint Operations Command, Australian Space Operations Centre and officers within the department."

"10. Accordingly I am satisfied that "all reasonable steps" have been taken to locate the document."

"Further information:

11. With reference to the "Unidentified Aerospace-undersea Phenomena" component of the scope, I engaged Navy who advised they do not retain any such reports.

12. Joint Operations Command advise they are unaware of the term "Unidentified Aerospace-undersea Phenomena." Further a definition was unable to be located via Google or the Australian Defence Glossary and as such Defence is unable to provide any information about the topic or locate any document in relation to it.

13. The Australian Space Operations Centre advised that they rely on unclassified sources that the applicant can potentially source, namely..."

14. Furthermore, Defence does not have a stand alone protocol for reporting or recording of UAP or UFOs. The Royal Australian Air Force ceased handling reports of UAP or UFO in 1996 after determining that there was no scientific or other compelling reason to continue to devote resources to the recording and investigation of UAP or UFO. It is a function no longer exercised by Defence and therefore, no documents will exist in Defence's possession in relation to the subject matter."


1. The DOD is clearly maintaining that they have no interest in the topic of UAP.

2. I wonder what the DOD is making of the increased rate of FOI enquries, re UAP?

3. One interesting comment, is that DOD FOI checked with Navy on the term "Unidentified Aerospace-undersea Phenomena." I take the NAVY response that "they do not retain any such reports" to mean "they do not know of any such phenomena" not that they know of such reports, but do not (retain) keep them."

4. Also, I checked the Australian Defence Glossary. It is a list of terms and definitions used by Defence; approved Defence terms for such things as "area of intelligence interest," "end state," and "master target list." There are no entries under the letter U or elsewhere, for "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" or "Unidentified Flying Objects" or any such equivalent terms.

5. In paragraph 14 of the DOD respones is " documents willl exist in Defence's possession in relation to this subject matter." However, Grant Lavac's finding of the CAF DOD UAP briefing paper for personnel attending the Senate Estimates hearings in 2022, show that this statement is incorrect. 

6. Thanks must go to the anonymous FOIA requestor, who submitted this latest FOIA request and received the response.

7. I would be interested in hearing from any blog reader who has also submitted a recent FOIA UAP request to any Australian government department, agency, or Minister. My encrypted email address is

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Two Freedom of Information requests, and the Australian Space Agency


The French government space agency, the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES- Centre National D'Etudes Spatiales) has operated a UAP study group for many years. Groupe d'Etudes et d'Information sur les Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non-Identifies - GEIPAN, has a brief to investigate unidentified aerospace phenomena. Its database is open to the public.

In June 2022, the U.S. space agency NASA announced the establishment of a study team to examine Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) to commence around September 2022.


Australia established its own space agency, the Australian Space Agency (ASA) in 2018. There have been at least two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests seeking to determine whether or not, the ASA has any interest in UAP.


An unknown individual submitted a request dated 30 April 2019. They asked for:

"Any reports, documents, guidelines and/or operational policies and procedures within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science - The Australian Space Agency - relating to or pertaining to the terms of UFO Unidentified Flying Object, UAS Unusual Aerial Sighting, UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAC Unusual Aerial Craft, or UAV Unusual Aerial vehicle."

The Department's response, in short, was:

"I am satisfied that reasonable searches have been conducted to locate documents - relevant to your request but they do not exist."


In September 2021, the Department of Industry, Science and Resources responded to an FOIA request by an unnamed requester, and published the outcome, in their FOIA Disclosure log 21/056/69634. The request was simple "All files pertaining to UFO sightings as well as USO sightings also."

The Department responded with 86 pages of documents. I haven't presented the contents of all the resultant emails, merely the ones which I considered most relevant.

A. An email chain whose subject was "Enquiries re UFOs/UAPs."

B. An email chain titled "Media on UAP report to US Congress," or "Query re US UAP/UFO report."

C. Emails concerning a "New FOI request."

D. Publication - AIAA Daily Launch.

E. Publication - POLITICO SPACE

A. Emails "Enquiries re UFOs/UAPs."

(1) 17 June 2021. From Operations and Communications ASA To Five ASA [redacted] email addresses.

"All enquiries inbox people

Please note below. Will provide advice on how to co-ordinate responses should requests come in."

(2) 17 June 2021 From [redacted] To [ ] ASA

"CSIRO has raised with us that we're likely to get an influx of questions around UFOs next week(ish) when a report on UAPs/UFOs is released to the US Congress. We'd like to have a central point for those queries within the Australian government and [ ] suggested that Fred Watson the Astronomer-at-large could be a good central spokesman.

How do you feel about this - or do you have any additional information  - about central media points? I realise we've had the occasional questions before about UFOs, but this one is likely to be more concentrated and not something we can really brush-off."

A/g Assistant Manager, Communications, ASA.

(3) 17 June 2021 From [ ] To media-ASA cc [ ]

"Hi Team,

You're probably aware that a much anticipated "UAP/UFO report" will be released to the US Congress and made public. I've heard around 25 June. We have people who work on SETI - the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence which is an established area of radio astronomy research - and we are expecting an increase in enquiries. We don't want to talk about UFOs/UAPs but depending on the outlet and their questions can talk about SETI.

I'm wondering is there an official Australian government contact on UFOs/UAPs to whom we should pass on media enquiries? I'm  thinking it would likely be We are happy to make other enquiries with Australian government departments but thought you might already have this information to hand."

Communications Manager, Space, Astronomy and Scientific Computing, Corporate Affairs, CSIRO.

(4) 17 June 2021 From [ ] To [ ]

"Thanks, [ ] we can raise this with [ ] and will let you know what he says!"

(5) 17 June 2021 From [ ] ASA To [ ]

"Thanks [ ]  this is an unusual one!

As far as we know, there is no official government media contact for UFOs, though we thought that Fred Watson, the Astronomer-at-large could be a good contact person. However, as this is being presented to Congress, we want to check that the Minister's Office wouldn't prefer for the Agency to answer questions (although it's not really our remit.) We'll follow a few leads and get back to you."

A/g Assistant Manager, Communications, ASA.

(6) 22 June 2021 From [ ] To [ ] cc MediaASA

"Hi Team,

If/when enquiries come through about UFOs/UAPs, please send them through to Fred Watson, either via telephone [ ] or email [ ]. We'll also need to keep track of them for Departmental media reporting."

A/g Assistant Manager, Communications, ASA.

(7) 22 June 2021 From [ ] To [ ]ASA

"[ ] Fred is happy to be first contact. He'd like a briefing on CSIRO involvement with SETI - should I contact [ ]"

B. Emails titled "Media on UAP report to US Congress," or "Query re US UAP/UFO report."

(1) 21 June 2021 From [ ] To media@defence

"Good afternoon, I'm seeking your help to identify a key government contact for UFO enquiries [seriously!]..."

Manager Government Relations, Corporate Affairs, CSIRO.

(2) 22 June 2021  From [ ] To [ ]

"Please be aware and don't respond to quiries unless there is a legitimate enquiry."

Operations and Communications, ASA.

(3) 22 June 2021 From [ ] To AustralianSpaceAgencyLeadershipTeam cc media-ASA

"As you're probably aware, the US Congress is likely to be presented with a report on UAPs/UFOs soon. We are expecting some level of media enquiries surrounding this. The Minister's Office has agreed that the best central point of contact for media enquiries is Professor Fred Watson, Astronomer-at-large, with SKA Astronomy.

As always, if you are approached for any media, please send the request through to and we will collate and send through to Fred."

A/g Assistant Manger, Communications, ASA.

(4) 25 June 2021 From [ ]  To [ ] [ ]@industry

"Hi both,

An update on the Defence contact for UAP/UFO enquries is below [ ]  I'll share our SETI messages shortly." [ ]

Communications Manager, Space, Astronomy and Scientific Computing, CSIRO.

(5) 25 June 2021 From [ ] To [ ] Attachment CSIRO-brief-SETI-June 2021 -v2 docx.

"Hi all, attached is our brief on the report and our SETI work [ ] you're welcome to share it with Fred - and do let me know if you'd prefer we went to Fred directly with any media enquiries, or if you're happy to be the conduit. [ ] in my team is mooo contact and will reach out to me if there's anything I need to look at urgently [ ]"

Communications Manager, Space, Astronomy and Scientific Computing, Corporate Affairs, CSIRO.

(6) 25 June 2021 From To [ ]

"Good morning, sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your enquiry. The Defence media team is the correct email for any UAP enquiry. We have received several so far."

C. Emails concerning new FOIA requests

(1) 2 August 2021 From [ ] To [ ]

[ ]

Operations and Communications, ASA.

(2) 15 May 2019

[summary] In 2013 the Australian SKA held an art competition and some of the entries mentioned UFO.

(3) 14 May 2019 From [ ] To [ ]

[summary] Quick review of any documents you have.

(4) 1 May 2019 From FOI To [ ] 

[Summary] Provide any documents you have.

D. Publication- AIAA Daily Launch

Emails dated 25 June and 29 June 2021, sent from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics  to someone [ ]  in the ASA, provided that ASA individual with AIAA news including in relation to UAP, and the 25 June 2021 Office of the Director of National Intelligence's "Preliminary Assessment" report.

E.  Publication - POLITICO SPACE

Emails dated 19 July, 20 July, and 23 July 2021, brought information from POLITICO SPACE including details of UAP related news, plus a number of messages from a forum held by the 2021 AIAA Aviation four hour presentation on UAP "Advocating for Scientific Studies of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena."

The CSIRO brief

The CSIRO brief mentioned in email B(5) was included in the 86 pages released. Dated June 2021, it was titled "Response to release of US report on UAPs." While most of the document deals with the topic of SETI, I extract the relevant mention of UAP.


Media outlets (eg Scientific American) have been speculating that the US government is expected to release an unclassified report into unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs, also known as UFOs) in late June 2021. Media reporting is also expected to be heightened around 2 July, which is known by some as 'World UFO day.'

We're expecting to receive media enquiries into whether CSIRO has been researching UAPs and whether our researchers think alien life exists elsewhere in the Universe...

CSIRO doesn't investigate or research UAPs, although our Space and Astronomy team does work on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence...

CSIRO response ot the release of the report

CSIRO won't be commenting on the release of the report on UAPs, however our spokespeople can comment on the SETI research we do; they need to be prepared to deflect any questions they receive about the report, UAPs or details of the Science Program with Breakthrough Listen.

Key messages

*At CSIRO we don't investigate or research unidentified aerial phenomena but we support the search for extraterrestrial intelligence...

Othe spokespeople

* Media enquiries on the US report on UAPs can be directed to the Australian government's Department of Defence media team...


1. It was only when placing my own, August 2022, FOIA request to the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, that I became aware of two earlier requests to the ASA.

2. In December 2021, I had emailed both the ASA enquiries email address, and the media ASA email address, with two questions about UAP. After mentioning that the French space agency had a UAP study group, I asked:

"If the Australian Space Agency has any current activity, or projected future plan, regarding the scientific or defence study of UAP, within the context of Australian space studies? If not, what is the agency's position regarding the possible national security implications of UAP?"

Despite twice more submitting the same email, I never did receive any response.

3. The CSIRO's brief statement, "CSIRO doesn't investigate or research UAPs" is pretty definitive. In the past though, CSIRO has maintained files on this topic.  

4. In email A(3) dated 17 June 2021, the CSIRO states "We do not want to talk about UFOs/UAPs." However, there is no context for this statement. Is it because the CSIRO doesn't consider the topic worthy of scientific exploration? Or some other reason? It would be nice to know their rationale.

5. In the ASA emails, I do not see anywhere where they state their position on UAP. Obviously, someone within the ASA was keeping up todate with UAP information through subscriptions to both AIAA and POLITICO SPACE material. By submitting my December 2021 email to the ASA, I was attempting to determine their position on UAP. However, when they just don't answer your email, you can't work out what they think about the subject. A simple response such as "We have no interest or position on the subject" would have sufficed. What we can say was, at least, they were being informed on the topic by external material.

7. I await the outcome of my own 2022 FOIA request.

Update: 15 September 2022

I received a response to my 29 July 2022 FOIA request to the Australian Space Agency.The request was for:

"Any emails, sent to or from Senior Executive Service staff of the Australian Space Agency, between 26 June 2021 and 29 July 2022, which contain the keyword "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" or the abbreviation "UAP."

The response, dated 5 September 2022 was from Dara Williams, Deputy Head, ASA. In short, it was "no such documents exist."


Fred Watson, Australia's Astronomer-at-large, and Andrew Dunkley, produce a podcast called "Space nuts." Episode 305, dated 19 May 2022, included a piece on "UAP Senate inquiry underway" and the 16 June 2022, episode 309, featured a piece on NASA's UAP study team. So, it seems that Fred Watson is keeping up todate on the UAP topic. 

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