Sunday, October 18, 2009

Psychic close encounters - 3

More on Budden...

"Individuals who have been subjected to prolonged exposure to electromagnetic or electrical fields eventually become 'overloaded' and actually emit fields of some coherent intensity themselves." p80.

"More importantly, however, these electrically sensitive (ES) people are chemically allergic to these emissions once the condition has been induced." p80.

"We can see from the list of symptoms caused by ES that subjects can become zombie-like and slip into a blank, day-dream-like state." p 103. Missing time or abductee.

"Another overlapping aspect between poltergeist phenomena and UFO/alien-theme encounters is that of pre-event sensation." p118. "These symptoms are a response to field exposure..."p119.

"It is clear from the author's own investigations that alien abduction and contact experiences take place in such electromagnetic hot spots and they are the product of the interaction of the physiological system of ES individuals with such prolonged irradiation." p135.

"It would appear that CE witnesses become disassociated during a 'time-lapse."p166.
They could still function, e.g. drive, but at some time experience " internal drama involving aliens and a medical examination." p166.

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