Friday, September 11, 2009

What was Jacques thinking post 1979? Post 2

The second work in the trilogy was "Confrontations" published in New York by Ballentine Books in 1990. ISBN 0-345-36453-8.

p21 "Like many of my colleagues in the field, I have become convinced that the U.S. government, as well as other governments, was very much involved in the UFO business. This involvement is not limited to the kind of data collection that is the normal responsibility of intelligence agencies. It extends to the close monitoring of the UFO organizations themselves, and in some case, to the staging of false sightings and the occasional leaking of false documents."

p22 "I do not believe that any government has the answer to the UFO problem, although several governments must have the proof of its reality."

p228 "At one time, in fact, the Brazilian Air Force and Navy Intelligence speculated that actual UFO bases might exist somewhere between the mouth of the Amazon and the Sao Luis area."

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